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October is the month of scary films and Viu has outdone itself with a slew of terrifying Korean shows that are sure to get you prepped for Halloween

October is officially upon us which means that we can start looking forward to all things cosy, pumpkin-flavoured and best of all, everything scary as we work our way towards Halloween which falls at the end of the month. 

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This month, streaming service Viu has got us covered with a list of truly terrifying Korean horror shows that it will be releasing throughout the month in the lead up to Halloween. 

From mystery-horror flicks like The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion to modern psychological dramas like The Wicked, Viu has something for every horror movie buff this month.

Keep reading to find out our favourite picks from Viu that you just have to catch this October.

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1. Posessed

In this horrifying film that won scriptwriter and director Lee Yong Ju numerous accolades, we follow Hee Jin who returns home when her little sister So Jin goes missing.

Soon, rumours begin circulating that So Jin has been possessed. Her mother, an extremely religious person, refuses to cooperate with the police and insists on only praying. 

At the same time, a neighbour who died begins appearing in Hee Jin’s dreams which leads her to suspect that there is a connection.

Starring Nam Sang Mi, Shim Eun Kyung, Ryu Seung Ryong, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Bo Yeon, this is one show that is certainly going to leave you at the edge of your seat. 

Watch it here from October 1. 

2. The Witch Part 1: The Subversion

The Witch Part 1: The Subversion follows a young girl, Ja Yoon, who has managed to escape a research facility that was threatening her life. 

She is adopted by a couple and slowly loses her memories of her time in the research facility. Unfortunately, 10 years later, she appears on a nationally televised competition in an attempt to win money for her family. Her pursuers are immediately alerted to her presence and her life is once again in tremendous danger. 

This film stars Kim Da Mi, Choi Woo Shik and Jo Min Su and is certainly something you’ll want to watch with the lights on. 

Watch it here from October 1. 

3. Chimera

In this exclusive Viu K-drama that stars Park Hae Soo, Claudia Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hee Joon, viewers get introduced to the Chimera Incident which was a series of horrifying explosions and murders that took place in 1984.

When the incident repeats itself in 2019, a trio made up of a detective, a criminal profiler and a surgeon attempt to track down the criminal and uncover the secrets behind it. 

In the story, viewers see that each person in the group has their own reason for wanting to know the truth of the Chimera case.

Watch it here from October 31.

4. The Wicked

In this haunting film, a strange new employee, Se Young, struggles with being outcasted for her often awkward and introverted personality. Her manager soon joins in with the bullying but the tables turn when Se Young snaps and turns on her. 

Park Joo Hee, Na Soo Yoon and Lee Mi Soo star in this terrifying drama that will have you have you hooked from start to finish.

Watch it here from October 1.

5. Guimoon

In this highly anticipated K-horror film, viewers are introduced to a community centre with an extremely dark past. In 1990, the building manager of the centre murdered his guests before committing suicide. After that, a suicide or death occurred at the community centre every single year until it was eventually shut down. 

In the film, a famous paranormal investigator decides to enter the community centre to get answers about the passing of his mother who died while performing an exorcism there. 

Starring Kim Kang Woo, Kim So Hye and Lee Jung Hyung, this film is sure to have you cowering under the blankets this Halloween. 

Watch it here from October 30. 

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