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From a couple who gets haunted by the girl they killed in an accident to teens who get trapped on a train with ghosts, here are our best Thai horror movie picks

If you are a true fan of horror movies, you probably would have exhausted most of your typical English horror films by now. However, are you really a horror movie fan if you have not explored films from different countries?

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In fact, we would argue that some of the most bone-chilling and downright terrifying films come from Asia. In particular, from Thailand.

So if you are up for it, try something new and explore the Thai horror section on your Netflix account. Keep reading to find out our favourite picks. 

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1. Ghost Lab

Above Ghost Lab Official Trailer

For horror mixed with a bit of science, this Thai thriller that sees two doctors witnessing a haunting in their hospital is worth a watch. After their experience, they become obsessed with finding scientific proof that ghosts exist. 

Grab your bravest friends because we guarantee you will not want to watch this alone. 

Watch here.

2. Shutter

Above Shutter (2004) Trailer

In this 2004 film, a young couple is involved in a hit-and-run accident where they end up killing a girl.

They then proceed to be haunted by not just their deadly choice but the creepy spirit of the victim, too. 

Watch it here.

3. The Maid

Above The Maid - Trailer - Netflix Original

In this chilling tale, a new maid, Joy, gets employed by a very wealthy family who lives in a massive mansion

Ignoring the warnings of her fellow colleagues, Joy begins to pry into the affairs of her employer. She begins to have very strange experiences around the home as she learns more about the loveless marriage between her employers and the sinister secrets they are both hiding.

This supernatural slasher film is certainly one that may potentially keep you terrified of the dark for some time. Watch at your own risk. 

Watch it here.

4. Still

Above Still Trailer

This 2010 Thai horror film really has all the elements of a perfect scare-fest.

A haunted hotel, a body that has been dumped into a water tank, a nightclub that has gone up in flames and a death that has happened in a prison are all part of the four terrifying tales that are told in this film.

The best part is that these stories were all based on actual news stories in Thailand.

Watch it here.

5. Train of the Dead

Above Train of the Dead trailer

If you enjoyed Train to Busan, you'll certainly enjoy this horror film that follows five teenagers as they decide to hide in an empty train. Unfortunately, they fail to realise that the train is filled with ghosts on their way to their final judgement.

Avoid watching this if you're afraid of taking the train at night on your own.

Watch it here.

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