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From exorcisms to a creepy deformed child locked in a shed, you’ll want to keep your lights on for this Netflix night in

If you didn’t already know, today is Friday the 13th which is typically considered to be an unlucky day. While different people attribute it to different religious stories and folklore, the basis is that the day is one filled with bad luck and many believers tend to avoid their normal routines, taking flights or engaging in any risky activities out of fear for the day.

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This year, Friday the13th is pretty significant because it is the only one we have in the entire year.

However, no matter if you believe in the superstitions of the day or not, it really can’t hurt to stay safe at home just in case. In fact, we can’t think of a better thing to do this Friday the 13th than to curl up safely at home and binge watch some of the scariest films Netflix has to offer.

Keep scrolling to find out the scariest Korean horror films your favourite streaming site has to offer on this creepy day.

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The Call

Above The Call | Official Trailer | Netflix

In this 2020 South Korean thriller, two women from different periods of time connect over an old, cordless phone that Kim Seo-yeon finds in her rundown childhood home which was lived in by this woman in 1999. Through their conversations, they are able to discuss events that happened in the house such as a deadly fire and an exorcism and to avoid them.

However, by messing with events in the past and present, Kim Seo-yeon manages to save the woman from being murdered by her mother during an exorcism in 1999. Unfortunately, that means that she survives and becomes a serial killer in the present. 

This creepy, mind-bending film is a must-watch if you are a fan of scary films that make you really think.

Watch here.

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Above #Alive | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you loved Train to Busan, you will probably love #Alive which is Netflix’s latest Korean zombie horror film starring Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-Hye.

In this 2020 film, we follow a man who is alone in his apartment when a mysterious disease begins to spread. This virus causes the infected to attack and eat uninfected people. Terrified, the man stays locked in his home till a neighbour begs to stay with him. Unfortunately, things start to go downhill pretty fast from there.

Watch here

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The 8th Night

Above The 8th Night | Official Trailer | Netflix

In this 2021 mystery thriller, an exorcist attempts to stop a mysterious being from being resurrected.

This being used to torment humans when it roamed free and was defeated when its eyes were ripped out and buried far from each other. For 2,500 years, the being lay dormant until, in an attempt to prove a Buddhist myth, a professor decides to attempt to find and reunite the monster’s eyes which result in some pretty devastating consequences. 

Watch here

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Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Above Svaha: The Sixth Finger | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you like films that discuss religion, you will love this 2019 mystery thriller which stars Lee Jung-jae, Park Jung-min, Lee Jae-in, Jung Jin-young, Lee David and Jin Seon-kyu.

The film follows Geumhwa and her twin sister who is born deformed and who is kept locked in a shed and called “It”. When some locals start investigating the shed, strange and creepy things begin happening.

The film deals with murder and religious cults which is everything you need for the perfect scary night in.

Watch here.

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The Priests

Above The Priests (2015)

Horror movies love to use churches as a backdrop for many of their creepy stories and this 2015 Korean supernatural thriller is no different.

In the film, audiences follow a priest and a seminarian who risk their lives as they attempt to cure a young girl who is experiencing some odd symptoms that they believe are caused by a demonic spirit after she is involved in a hit-and-run accident. As the two attempt to exorcise the demon from the girl, strange things begin happening around them.

The film was written and directed by Jang Jae-hyun and is based on his award-winning short film, 12th Assistant Deacon

Watch here.

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