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Netflix is adding a whole slew of new Singaporean shows to their site this August. Here are the ones you cannot miss

Did you know that Netflix has a section on its streaming platform dedicated to Singaporean shows? You can find everything there from classics such as The Noose and The Best of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd to recent releases such as Singapore Social or Ah Boys To Men.

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In fact, as we count down the days to National Day, Netflix has decided to refresh this section on their site by adding brand new titles to its collection from August 4 onwards.

From Singaporean favourites such as In Time To Come to new documentaries about Singapore’s rainforests and hospitals, there is really something for everyone.

In fact, keep scrolling to see some of the Singaporean shows you have to catch when they launch on Netflix next month.

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From Beijing To Moscow: Season 1

Above Beijing To Moscow Trailer

In this romantic mystery, a man loses his memory after a tragic accident and can barely remember anything of his past except for a trip he once took with an old lover, Kloudiia.

To help him restore his memory, his wife Xiaoqi, and his friend Kenneth, accompany him as he retakes the journey in search for Kloudiia.

This movie, which was released in 2019, was the last drama that Aloysius Pang acted in before his tragic death in January 2019.

Available on: August 4

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When Hainan Meets Teochew

Above When Hainan Meets Teochew - Official Trailer

In this local romantic comedy, a brassiere unexpectedly drops on the head of the main character, Teochew. He immediately wins the lottery and decides to keep the item of clothing.

On the other hand, Hainan is on a search around her neighbourhood for her bra and even goes as far as to distribute missing posters.

When Teochew and Hainan bump into each other, hilarity ensues as Hainan suspects that Teochew has her bra and Teochew refuses to give it up.

Available on: August 5

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Wild City- Forest Life

Above Singapore's Forest Life | Wild City

Singapore Forest Life is part of the Wild City series where narrator Sir David Attenborough explores Singapore’s forests and all the unique primates, flying dragons and mating snakes inside of them.

If you are a fan of nature and documentaries, you have to catch this one.

Available on: August 6

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Last Madame: Season 1

Above Last Madame Official Trailer

Last Madame takes place in a run-down shophouse in Singapore where a banker, Chi Ling, has returned from Hong Kong to claim her inheritance. As she explores the shophouse, she is forced to confront its roots and its history as a brothel. 

The show deftly weaves two generations together to tell the fascinating story of Chi Ling and her grandmother in 1940 Singapore as well as in 2019. 

History buffs will certainly have a field day with this incredible show. 

Available on: August 6

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Greedy Ghost

Above Greedy Ghost Trailer

If you are into comedy horror films, you will love Greedy Ghost, the third film in the Singapore Ghost franchise. The show follows Lim who discovers a mysterious book while at work that has a book spirit in it. The book spirit grants Lim winning lottery numbers and financial advice.

Unfortunately, Lim gets greedy and that’s when things start to go very wrong.

Available on: August 6

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The Skin We Wear

Above The Skin We Wear

In this emotional documentary, we follow four individuals from Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam who have Harlequin Ichthyosis which is a rare genetic disorder that causes thick and scaly skin.

While patients now can live long and relatively normal lives, there are still many challenges they face and this documentary explores it all.

Available on: August 9

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