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From horror to romance, the Thai category on Netflix is teeming with amazing things to watch

If you're looking at your Netflix account and can't decide on what to watch, we have a suggestion: how about exploring the Thai category on your account?

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Yes, we really said Thai. Did you know that the Thai section on Netflix is actually teeming with amazing documentaries, romance movies, comedies and horror shows that often go unwatched?

If you are keen to try something new this weekend, keep reading to find out what the best of the best in the Thai films and TV category on Netflix are.

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1. Girl From Nowhere

Above Girl From Nowhere Season 2 | Official Trailer | NETFLIX

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai thriller series that you don't want to sleep on. The show focuses on Nanno who is played by Chicha Amatayakul.

Nanno is a girl who transfers to a new school where she finds different communities of people who claim they are doing good while also hiding their own sinister secrets. Throughout the show, Nanno makes it her personal mission to expose these people in the most humiliating and public way possible. 

This show is one you will not be able to look away from and we couldn't be more relieved that Netflix has already released season two of the show for us to devour.

Watch here.

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2. Hope Frozen: A Quest To Live Twice

Above Hope Frozen: A Quest To Live Twice | Main Trailer | Netflix

If you are looking for a documentary that will make you shed some tears, Hope Frozen: A Quest To Live Twice is the perfect one for you. The show follows a Thai family who gets their two-year-old toddler cryogenically frozen after she passes away due to brain cancer. 

The show deeply explores the ethics of doing something like this as well as the scientific possibilities of such technology. It's the perfect thing to sink your teeth into this weekend. 

Watch here.


3. Ghost Lab

Above Ghost Lab | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you're up for a spooky tale, check out this Thai thriller that sees two doctors witnessing a haunting in their hospital. After their experience, they become obsessed with finding scientific proof that ghosts exist. 

Grab your non-believer friends because we guarantee you will not want to watch this one alone. 

Watch here.

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4. The Stranded

Above The Stranded | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

In this Thai thriller, a group of students from an elite school find themselves trapped on an island after a devastating tsunami rips through the area. 

The show follows them as they try to hold on to hope despite the mysterious forces that seem to be working against them.

Watch here.

5. Friend Zone

Above FRIEND ZONE | Official International Trailer (2019)

If Korean romances aren't doing it for you anymore, why not try Friend Zone, a Thai romance movie that is sure to have you swooning. 

The show follows two best friends who wind up in the friendzone as they navigate the world of failed relationships over the years. When they finally decide to give each other a shot, sparks fly. 

Watch here.

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6. Triple Threat

Above TRIPLE THREAT (2019) Official Trailer

In this action-packed film, a group of criminals are hired to kill an influential heiress. The group is stopped by a trio of fighters who come in to protect her and the two groups fight to the death.

If you are into martial arts, this one should really be on your watch list. 

Watch here.

7. The Con-Heartist

Above The Con-Heartist | Official International Trailer (2020)

When it comes to interesting romantic plots, the Thai really know just how to do it. In this romantic comedy, a former bank employee finds herself lost when her ex-boyfriend cons her out of a large sum of money.

Out of options, she decides to trick a scam artist into helping her swindle him back as revenge. 

Watch here.

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