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Though the series finale has just aired, our Tatler friends are already busy talking about what could happen next in 'Euphoria'

Introducing: Tatler Takes, your weekend guide to movies and series you must watch—or not. Today, we're asking our Tatler friends about their personal takes on some of the world's most talked-about series. We ask whether they loved it or hate it; and whether we should add it to our own weekend lineups. 

This week, we're catching up with Sam Levinson's Euphoria. Starring the likes of Zendaya, Jacob Elordi, and Alexa Demie, Euphoria is a dramatic series that's been renewed for a third season as reported last February 2022. 

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Since its premiere in 2019, Euphoria has gained a steady base of solid fans despite its heavy themes that involve substance abuse and violence. The narrative revolves around Rue (Zendaya) and her classmates as they struggle with sex, identity, drugs, and more—all while in high school. Intricately shot and surrealist to a degree, Euphoria was—and still is—the talk of the town. 

So is it a yes or a no from our Tatler friends? Let's find out:

Jaclyn Koppe

Did you enjoy the series? Please tell us why yes or no.

Yes, I did! It’s funny because halfway through the first season I just lost interest and now I am wondering why. I remember thinking it was all very dark with the drugs and paedophilia and I don’t think I was in the right headspace to be dealing with all that. I think this second season was able to strike a better balance between the darkness that clearly the series’ creators want to convey, as well as your average teen issues that make it more relatable to young people or nostalgic for people my age.

I remember one of my friends saying that it’s “a parent’s horror story,” and I do see how it could trigger some people. Euphoria is definitely a cautionary tale, but it also took me back to my youth where everything was so fresh and new, and I was reckless and crazy. Those years were golden and I love how the show and its motley crew of dysfunctional characters brought out many good memories and not a lot of the bad ones. 

If yes, what was your favorite part and why?

The drama! It reminded me of how every feeling was magnified when I was a teenager and now I just chuckle at how affected I was by everything. It is just fun to watch it now from an outsider’s perspective and think—as Rue famously put it in that mind-blowing first episode of season two—“damn.”

And who did not feel all warm and fuzzy over that Fezco/Lexi love angle? Those are two of the most likeable characters in the series coming together and sharing such a deep and pure connection we could only dream of having ourselves even as adults. As the kids like to say these days: "so wholesome".

What do you think needs to be improved?

As a creative person, I do not like being told what to do. So whatever it is that was done and what will be in season three, I only have the utmost respect for the creatives of the show. I am just here to be entertained. But, I heard that the next season is coming out in 2024 and I feel that is unacceptable. I need more Euphoria soon!

Carlos del Prado

Did you enjoy the series? Please tell us why yes or no. 

I definitely enjoyed the series, particularly the second season. I like how it’s a story about realities that a certain age group have to live with but also, for me, there’s a sort of fantastical element to it. It’s so far from my sort of high school experience.

If yes, what was your favourite part and why?

Favourite part is difficult to answer! But I have to say, I enjoy the parts with Fezco, Jules, even Nate who is terrifying but sort of understandable as to why he is the way he is.

What do you think needs to be improved?

Improvement, I can’t really pinpoint but there were moments where I felt that certain characters were dropped off or forgotten because they didn’t really feel important. Like the show was being written as it was happening. That made it feel a bit off kilter for me. Still enjoyed it though!

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Stephanie Ong Del Rosario

Did you enjoy the series? Please tell us why yes or no. 

I thoroughly enjoy Euphoria for its grittiness and cinematography. Also, its choice of musical tracks is cohesive and timeless. It makes me nostalgic. This is one of those shows that perfectly recognises its target audience and gives them something raw to digest:youth is always hungry to better understand themselves through someone else's lens. It's very much a statement on both the problems and influences that young people are facing today. One could argue that it glamorizes addiction, but I feel the main character Rue portrays her struggle so well it is heartbreaking and relatable. They do also advise people about potential triggers ahead of the show, should it be too sensitive for people in recovery or for those affected by similar events.

If yes, what was your favourite part and why?

What I like about the show is that it makes me think about how to habe certain conversations with people in my life. Having a teenager and teenaged nieces, it makes these scenarios all the more vivid for me. It makes me want to have an open dialogue with them, not because they are in any way similar to these characters—but because perhaps they may encounter someone in a crisis and could potentially be an influence for good.

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