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In another bid to revolutionise K-pop, SM Entertainment brings together some of the biggest names in the industry for one super group

Following the launch of ‘SuperM’, a seven-member all-star boy group composed of SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun, Mark and Taeyong of NCT 127, and WayV’s Ten and Lucas, SM Entertainment recently announced an all-girl septet to match.

Named ‘Girls on Top’, the super girl group just dropped a new sizzling performance video for their comeback single entitled Step Back. The stellar line-up made waves online and brought expectations sky high with the announcement of veteran idol BoA joining the roster. Much to the delight of fans, their new single did not disappoint. It's classic SM–in that it’s eccentric and pushes the envelope–from musical production, to choreography, and vocal arrangement, Step Back is a powerhouse single fit for a powerhouse girl group.

While we gush over the exciting MV, here’s a rundown of all seven members that personify the best that K-pop artistry has to offer today:

1. BoA

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BoA (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)
Above BoA (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)

Born: 1986

BoA may have debuted even before Girls on Top members Karina and Winter were born but this OG idol proves that age is but a number. One of South Korea's strongest soloists and considered amongst the first generation of K-Pop idols, BoA has released multiple albums in three languages: Korean, Japanese, and English. Her vocal technique and skill have been her trademark, setting the bar for all idols that came after her. 

BoA's main influences are hip-hop and R&B and as the recent Step Back video proved, she's also quite the killer on the dance floor. She's also appeared in numerous movies and served as judge in some of Korea's most popular talent shows such as K-Pop Star and the recent reality competition, Street Woman Fighter.

2. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Born: 1989

Also known as SNSD, Girls' Generation was an eight-member girl group considered amongst the greats of the early K-pop wave. Taeyeon was the group's leader and lead vocalist and was quite known for her effortless belting and star power. In 2015, she released an EP entitled I, which included several number-one hits in Korea. 


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Taeyeon (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)
Above Taeyeon (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)

3. Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Born: 1989

Another Girls' Generation alum, Hyoyeon was SNSD's main dancer and rapper. You may know the group's uber-catchy choreography from hits like Gee, I Got a Boy, and Genie, where you'll often find Hyoyeon front-and-centre. Beyond her girl group days, Hyoyeon has been active with her music career even debuting as 'DJ Hyo' in 2018, still under SM's dance label, Scream Records.

You'll find her eating up the Step Back choreo with ease and her signature swag.

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Hyeyeon (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)
Above Hyoyeon (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)

4. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

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Seulgi (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)
Above Seulgi (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)

Born: 1994

Speaking of swag, joining the GoT roster is Red Velvet's Seulgi. As lead dancer and vocalist for Red Velvet, she's been a force to be reckoned with ever since the group's debut in 2014. You may know some of their chart-topping hits like Red Flavor, Dumb Dumb (which they performed in the K-Drama blockbuster Descendants of the Sun), or their recent release, Queendom

Besides her activity with Red Velvet, Seulgi's also been known to be a prolific artist herself. Her drawings, photography, and even literary translations have been well-received by the Korean art community. She's also recognised as a fashion icon, often credited for a rise of minimalist style amongst Korean women. In 2021, she was named Salvatore Ferragamo's first Korean global ambassador.

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5. Wendy (Red Velvet)

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Wendy (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)
Above Wendy (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)

Born: 1994

As Red Velvet's main vocalist, Wendy has built a legion of fans for her incredible musical talent. Besides her excellent vocal range and stability, Wendy is able to play the piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone. Thus, when she finally released a solo EP titled Like Water in 2021, her fans were over the moon.

If you're a K-Drama fan, it may interest you to know that Wendy has been featured in the OSTs of your favourite hit shows like Hwarang, Start-Up, Yumi's Cells, The King: Eternal Monarch, among many others.

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6. Karina (Aespa)

Born: 2000

If you're a true-blue K-Pop follower, you may have already been tuning into Aespa's music since their debut in late 2020. While the group (and its members) are quite young, what they lack in age, they make up for with ferocity and talent. Among the four breakout stars is Karina, Aespa's leader. Now joining GoT, many Aespa fans are excited to see just how the younger members keep up with veterans like BoA or Seulgi. But if the Step Back performance video is anything to base on, it looks like Karina has no problem holding her own.

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Karina (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)
Above Karina (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)

7. Winter (Aespa)

Born: 2001

Having turned 21 just this January 1, 2022, GoT's maknae (youngest member) Winter is a strong testament to innate star power. Considered Aespa's lead dancer and vocalist, Winter rounds out the Girls on Top line-up with her own unique flair.

If you've been up to date with Aespa's recent comeback with the all-kill experimental single, Savage, you'll surely attest that Winter and her groupmates - while rookies - are definitely on the 'Next Level'. 


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Winter (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)
Above Winter (Photo: Twitter/ @GirlsOnTop_SM)
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