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Rising actor, Song Kang and rom-com queen, Park Min-young tell Tatler how they prepared for their roles and what they find most attractive about each other

Love is in the air this month not only because of Valentine’s Day but also because we’ll finally see the long-awaited team-up of Song Kang and Park Min-young in Netflix’s Forecasting Love and Weather.

Kang, the rising actor is a Netflix veteran, having appeared in Sweet Home, Love Alarm, Navillera and Nevertheless. Meanwhile, the reigning rom-com queen, Park returns to the small screen after making us laugh (and swoon) in dramas like What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and Her Private Life.

Their latest drama is the first of its kind, taking place in Korea’s Meteorological Administration. The story follows Jin Ha-kyung (Park) who prefers to keep her personal and professional lives separate. At work, she meets the free-spirited Lee Shi-woo (Song Kang) whom she gradually falls in love with. But their romance must be kept a secret from their colleagues—which isn’t exactly easy to do.

In an exclusive roundtable interview with Tatler, the two stars reveal how they prepared for their roles and what they find most attractive about each other.

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Your characters both work at Korea’s Meteorological Administration (KMA). What preparations did you do for your role?

Park Min-young: Since this is the first Korean drama that has this premise, I wanted to make sure that I portrayed the Korean Meteorological Administration and the jobs there as it is and not glamourise it or make it look bad. I thought about showing it objectively and realistically by being down to earth. That’s very important because this is not a fantasy drama. This is a place that really exists.

I know that Korea is a difficult place to forecast the weather. Before delving into the series, I thought “How they can just miss telling the weather accurately?” so I wanted to change that perspective with the series. That’s also why I thought the script was great. The premise itself was great.

I looked into documentaries to prepare for the role. I also visited the KMA in order to really realistically portray the people and their jobs there. Thankfully, they showed us around and gave us a lot of advice and consultation. They even allowed us to film inside their premises.

Song Kang: When I first read the script, it was very appealing to me. I liked the fact that the characters felt very alive. The weather being part of the story was also interesting so I decided to take the part.

But actually, when I started filming, the terminologies were really really difficult. I had to read the script multiple times but it was really hard to memorise the lines and terms. I put a lot of thought and effort into this and I also watched a documentary that reassured me and gave me confidence later. It helped me see the way of life of the people who work there.

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While filming the drama, what did you find most interesting or attractive about each other?

Song: First of all, I think the way she speaks—the tone and her manner of speaking are very attractive. Since she’s a senior actress compared to me, she would give me a lot of advice which I was very thankful for.

I thought that when I work with my juniors in the future, I’m going to be like her and give them a lot of advice too.

Park: He said I’m his senior but for me, it’s the first time to work with someone who’s this much of a junior to me. I thought his freshness, naivety and this pure feeling was something that I really envied.

When I do a project, I think about a lot of different things but [Song Kang] would just immerse himself totally into the character. I really envied that part of him. There was this other drama where they described a male character as a green grape because he was so naive and fresh. I think this is the first time that I thought that someone really fits the description of a green grape.

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Song Kang, you’re a hot rising star today. How does it feel like to work on your first romantic comedy?

Kang: I’ve done some romantic dramas in the past, but this is the first one that has comedic elements to it and I really enjoyed it. It’s kind of light and sparkling and I really like that aspect of it.

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Forecasting Love and Weather premieres on February 12 on Netflix

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