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Netflix's Nevertheless is the latest Korean romance drama to tug at our heartstrings, here we list five reasons why you should watch it

Nevertheless is one of the most anticipated Korean dramas to be released in 2021 and for good reasons. It stars Han So-hee, who made her mark in World of the Married—the highest-rated Korean drama in cable TV history—and Song Kang, the unofficial “son of Netflix” who's booked and busy—Nevertheless being his third drama just this year.

Nevertheless tells the story of a blossoming romance between two art classmates, Yu Na-bi (Han), who’s pessimistic about love but wants to date and Park Jae-eon (Song), who enjoys flirting but thinks dating is bothersome. Despite the two’s different viewpoints of love and dating, they begin a friends-with-benefits relationship that changes both their lives.

Here are the reasons why you should the watch series. Warning: you might fall in love with it.

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1. It's based on a popular webtoon story

In recent years, Korean dramas are adapting more from popular webtoons and for good reasons: it has a solid fanbase that would love to see the story come to life. Nevertheless is also based on a popular webtoon of the same name. Producing director Kim Ga-ram and Han So-hee are both fans of the original material with Kim saying that when she first read the webtoon, she really wanted to make it a live-action series to convey the realistic message about love and relationships.

For those that have read the webtoon, you’d have to watch the series to find out how it compares. Or if you’ve yet to read the webtoon, watching the drama might encourage it to pick it up.

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2. It portrays a realistic romance

Romance has always been queen in the world of Korean dramas. While there’s a myriad of various genres available—from horror to sci-fi—romance dominates but they tend to be more fantasy-like rather than realistic, allowing its watches to escape reality to indulge in a fairy-tale romance.

Nevertheless tries to be different. It still shows the sweet, heart-fluttering moments that romance dramas are known for, but also depicts a realistic side to what modern dating looks like.

Song said that the script appealed to him because “it had that sweetness of romance that we expect of young love, but there were other things that differentiated the story and made it stand out.” Young adults will finally see a hyper-realistic romance reflected in a Korean drama that they can relate to.

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3. It has relatable characters

The world of Korean dramas offers an escape and with that comes characters to love and admire, sometimes ones that seem too good (or too bad) to exist in the real world. Nevertheless will give you characters that you can relate to. Producing director Kim said that the title of the 10-episode series will be relatable for viewers. For instance, despite knowing that you'll be hurt, you still fall for someone—because that's human nature.

Nevertheless depicts the romance that happens despite all the hurt and despair. It's both the good and bad sides of a relationship. Han also shared that she “hopes the audience will find my character relatable” and how she “wanted to be real and raw” in portraying her character’s emotions". So whether you've experienced love before, experiencing it now or will experience it in the future, these characters will relate to you in some way.

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4. It boasts a superb cast

When Song and Han got the lead parts, it garnered a lot of attention and buzz. For Song who has continuously been rising as an actor, this marks a shift in his career. While he has done another Netflix romance drama before (Love Alarm), Nevertheless is much more of a daring role from him. It’ll be interesting to see how he breaks beyond his good looks.

Meanwhile, Han propelled to the spotlight when she played a mistress in heavy drama, World of the Married and her role in Nevertheless, while daring, is at the same time, also mellow and will showcase a sweet side to the actress.

According to Kim, “When I read the original webtoon, I thought of Song Kang and Han So-hee. Thankfully, they really liked the webtoon and wanted to work with me.” Both Song and Han have been praised for being in sync with their characters. Han also said that she “shares a lot of similarities with Na-bi” including being artistic. She actually drew some of the drawings featured in Na-bi’s home.

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5. It has unmatched chemistry

When actors get cast or paired up for a drama, some of the fans would always go “Oh, the visuals!” This is referring to how good the actors look and sometimes how great their chemistry will be. From the teaser and stills, we can also tell that Song and Han's visuals are unmatched. The two also said that being the same age helped them develop a friendship and contribute to the great chemistry.

Producing director Kim also complimented their chemistry as being “so natural on screen.” Song teased that “there’s a lot of heart-fluttering scenes in our drama.” We can expect a visual feast in this series.

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Nevertheless premieres on June 20, with new episodes every Sunday only on Netflix. Watch it here.

(This article was originally published on June 22, 2021 and was updated on August 25, 2021)

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