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Tatler gets up close and personal with Han So Hee, the stunning actress who plays Yu Na Bi in Netflix’s Nevertheless

It was March 2020. The World of the Married, a K-drama based on BBC One's drama series Doctor Foster had just been released. Very quickly, it became a hit worldwide, breaking records with just its first and second episode, and dominating social media trends and conversations. However, all eyes were on one particular stunner–Han So Hee (Yeo Da Kyung).

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The World of the Married ended its run as the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history and Han enjoyed her claim to international fame owing to the K-drama’s huge success. Her immense popularity meant that she was right on the radar of directors and screenwriters, and soon, she landed herself a role in Netflix’s Nevertheless as the sweet and talented art student, Yu Na Bi.

Through Nevertheless, Han continues to gain recognition for her broad range of acting skills, as well as her undeniable chemistry with lead actor Song Kang. Between takes on set, Han took some time out to invite Tatler into the world of Yu Na Bi in this exclusive interview.

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In your previous drama, The World of the Married, you played a role that made a strong impression on viewers and the complete opposite of Yu Na Bi. What drew you to her?

I had a great time reading the webtoon that this show is based on because it depicts those delicate situations that everyone’s probably gone through in their lives—when in spite of our feelings or thoughts, we nevertheless are compelled to take contrary action. I really enjoyed seeing those moments through Na Bi’s eyes.

I empathise strongly with the way the story depicts emotions that everyone who falls in love goes through. The story felt a bit different from existing romance shows and I decided to join the show because I wanted the opportunity to express these romantic emotions while I am at this age in life.

What are some character traits of Yu Na Bi's that you feel are similar to yours?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how we are alike, but I do think I am rather similar to Na Bi. I’ve experienced similar encounters as Na Bi and in that sense, we’re somewhat alike.

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The on-screen chemistry in Nevertheless is pretty intense. How do you and Song Kang prepare for the intimate scenes?

I’m very grateful for the many compliments on our chemistry. We’re the same age, so I was quite comfortable shooting the scenes and there was so much positivity on set that helped create the lovely chemistry between us. It was nothing short of delightful to create synergy together on a perfect set.

What surprised you the most about working with Song Kang?

Song Kang and Jae Eon are similar, but also different. Song Kang brings a fresh, playful side to the character that makes the show’s Jae Eon even more charming than the original webtoon character. Even during tough scenes, he radiated positive vibes and helped me perform better, and sometimes, he just feels so much like Jae Eon that it helped me to focus even more.

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In an ideal world, how would you want the relationship between Yu Na Bi and Park Jae Eon to turn out?

No matter how things turn out, I don’t want them to make choices they’ll regret. Whether they decide to move forward together or separately, I want them to be happy. Their relationship is so passionate and full of love that no matter how it ends, I think I’d understand their choices.

There are a few story arcs involving the other characters of Nevertheless. Which one are you hopeful for and personally want to see more of?

I look forward to everyone’s character development because each person has their own clear identity and has their own compelling story within the plot of Nevertheless. I can’t wait to see how they grow.

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In your opinion, what are the qualities that set Nevertheless apart from other romance dramas?

The show is very realistic and genuine about emotions that you don’t want to act on but, as the title says, you nevertheless do. It evokes a range of emotions, from embarrassment to the kind of empathy you have for situations you feel like you’ve experienced in your own life.

What have been some of the most memorable moments from filming Nevertheless so far?

I actually went to art school myself and I personally drew sketches in Na Bi’s little idea notebook while we were shooting. It was also special to see my own artwork hanging on the wall in Na Bi’s room.

A new episode of 'Nevertheless' airs every Sunday on Netflix.

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