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From Bridgerton: Season 2 to The Adam Project, here are the best new shows and movies to watch on Netflix this March

After spoiling viewers with a ton of Korean shows last month, Netflix is going full steam ahead with its non-Korean releases in March.

From the Philippines, there’s the rom-com Love Is Colourblind while India is offering its own comedy, Eternally Confused and Eager for Love. Japan is releasing the romance flick Love Like Falling Petals, and Sweden is dropping the action thriller Black Crab.

Over at the English language releases, Bridgerton is finally back for season two while Ryan Reynold’s highly anticipated sci-fi movie, The Adam Project is gracing our screens. If you love Korean content, two new titles are coming to Netflix this month as well.

Unsure of what to add to your watch list this month? Read our picks below.

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1. Love Is Colourblind

Love Is Colourblind follows Cara (Belle Mariano) who returns to the Philippines after completing a certification course in Hong Kong. Upon her return, she learns that her best friend, Ino (Donny Pangilinan) has become colourblind after a tragic accident.

She helps Ino—whom she’s secretly in love with all these years—bring back the colours into his life and open his heart to love once more.

Release: March 1

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2. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

This adventure movie follows a group of bandits and pirates on a mission to find the lost treasure of the royal family, which all disappeared without a trace.

Woo Moo-chi (Kang Ha-neul) is once the leader of a group of bandits but he now stays on a pirate ship alongside leader, Hae-rang (Han Hyo-joo). The two groups band together to find the lost treasure only to come face to face with a new enemy, Bu Heung-soo (Kwon Sang-woo).

Release: March 2

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3. Pieces of Her

Based on the 2018 novel of the same name, Pieces of Her takes place in a sleepy Georgia town. One day, a random act of violence sets off an unexpected chain of events for Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) and her mother, Laura Oliver (Toni Collette).

Desperate for answers, Andy embarks on a journey across America to confront her dark past and learn family secrets that her mother kept for years.

Release: March 4

4. The Adam Project

The Adam Project is one of the highly anticipated Netflix movies of the year, probably because it stars Ryan Reynolds.

It tells the story of a time-travelling pilot (Ryan Reynolds) who accidentally crashes in 2022. He must then team up with his younger self (Walker Scobell) on a mission to save the future.

Release: March 11

5. Rescued by Ruby

State trooper Dan (Grant Gustin) dreams of joining the K-9 Search & Rescue team but no one ever gives him the chance.

Shelter dog Ruby dreams of having a home, but no one is willing to adopt her. When fate brings the two together, it’s their unshakable bond that helps them face their toughest challenge yet.

Release: March 17

6. Eternally Confused and Eager for Love

This Indian comedy tells the story of Ray (Vihaan Samat) who’s navigating through life with the help of his “inner voice”.

Thinking he’s misguided all along, he now wants to find his own way on his quest for love.

Release: March 18

7. Black Crab

Black Crab is a Swedish action thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world torn apart by war. During a long and harsh winter, six soldiers embark on a covert mission across a frozen archipelago to transport a mysterious package that could potentially end the war.

But for speed skater turned soldier Caroline Edh (Noomi Rapace), the mission is something else entirely.

Release: March 18

8. Bridgerton: Season 2

Bridgerton finally returns this month. After a happy ending for Daphne and Simon, Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) is now the next in line to find a suitable partner.

He meets his match in his intended bride’s headstrong big sister, Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley).

Release: March 25

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9. Love Like Falling Petals

This romantic movie is based on the bestselling novel of the same name in Japan. It revolves around Haruto (Kento Nakajima), an aspiring photographer who falls head over heels for his stylist, Misaki (Honoka Matsumoto).

When he finally finds the courage to ask Misaki out, it seems like a happy ending for the couple. That is until Misaki develops a rare disease where she rapidly ages.

Release: March 24

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10. Tomorrow

Netflix’s Korean drama offering this month is Tomorrow, based on the webtoon of the same name. It follows Choi Joon-wong (Rowoon), who despite his prestigious background, just can’t find a job.

One night, he encounters two grim reapers who work for a crisis management team that stops people from committing suicide. Desperate for a job, Choi accepts their offer to work at the company.

Release: March 26

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