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This week is packed with more K-drama casting news for projects next year and a number of artists are making their music comebacks

After a few quiet weeks, the Korean entertainment scene bounced back today with more exciting news although we mostly still get casting confirmations and comeback announcements. Numerous K-dramas such as Ghost Doctor, My Jinx's Lover and Monstrous have confirmed their casting line-up. There are new updates on Song Hye-kyo's upcoming drama, Now We Are Breaking Up.

Over at the music scene, VERIVERY, ITZY and CL announced their comebacks while BTS' Suga puts his own spin on Samsung's iconic Over the Horizon tune. Curious to learn more? Read our round-up of the biggest news from the Korean entertainment scene this week.

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1. "Monstrous" confirms cast

The cast of Monstrous has been confirmed comprising of Shin Hyun-bin, Doo Kyo-hwan, Kwak Dong-yeon, Nam Da-reum, Kim Ji-young and Park Ho-san. The series will be penned by Train to Busan director, Yeon Shang-ho as well as Ryu Yong-jae who worked on Netflix's My Holo Love. Director Jang Gun-jae will be helming the drama.

Monstrous follows a group of people lured in by a curse from a supernatural entity that shouldn't have been released in the world. A group of archaeologists who are handling monstrous cases get swept up in a village inflicted by the mysterious being.

Goo Kyo-hwan will be playing archaeologist, Jung Ko-hoon while Hospital Playlist's Shin Hyu-bin is taking on the role of pattern cryptanalyst, Lee Soo-jin and Jung's ex-wife. Kim Ji-young is playing police officer Han Seok-hee while The 8th Night's Nam Da-reum will play her son, Han Do-kyung.

Park Ho-san is playing Kwon Jong-soo, the head of Jinyang county where the disaster takes place. Meanwhile, Vincenzo's Kwak Dong-yeon will take on the role of Kwak Yong-joo, a troublemaker in Jinyang county.

Monstrous is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022.

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2. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun joins Na In-woo in an upcoming drama

Seohyun from Girl's Generation and rising actor, Na In-woo will be starring together in a fantasy romance drama, The Jinx's Lover. The webtoon-based drama will look at the life of an unlucky man who meets the goddess of fortune, hidden away by a rich family.

Seohyun is taking on the role of Seul Bi who possess the ability to see the future of the person she touches. In fact, she's the goddess of fortune who was hidden away in a secret room and accidentally meets Gong Soo-kwang (Na In-woo) and begins to dream of the world outside.

Na's character, Gong Soo-kwang is a man who works at Seodong Market and is considered unlucky. But he was almost on his way to success, he lost everything after meeting Seul Bi.

The Jinx's Lover will be directed by Yoon Sang-ho who worked on River Where The Moon Rises which Na previously starred in. It will be penned by Jang Yoon-mi who worked on movies Madonna and Scarlet Innocence.

3. VERIVERY releases track list for upcoming album

VERIVERY confirms that they're making a comeback with a new album. Last month, the group released a teaser video that they will be making a return with the second part of their Series O album series called, Series O (Round 2: Hole).

This comeback also marks member Minchan's return since his eight-month hiatus due to health issues. The group confirmed their comeback date on August 23. Over the last few days, the group has shared comeback teaser photos as well as the tracklist for the upcoming album. Today, a mood film of Kangmin was released.

4. Sistar's Hyolyn and Dasom releases new sub-unit single

Sistar's Hyolyn and Dasom joined forces to release a new song, Summer of Summer. The two members are the artists of the month of Content Lab Vivo's yearlong project, How to Have a Good 2021. All the proceeds from the release will be donated to people needing financial difficulties due to the pandemic.

The song is composed by Duble Sidekick, EastWest, Woo Tae-woon and White 99 while Hyolyn and Dasom as well as Woo Tae-woon worked on the lyrics. The summer dance song is filled with lyrics to energise its listeners and is meant to serve as a refreshing breeze amidst the summer heat.

5. CL drops new teaser for her long-awaited comeback

CL of former girl group 2ne1 is finally returning. She released the first teaser of the long-awaited comeback, titled Alpha. The rapper recently signed a contract with Daniel Kang's agency, Konnect Entertainment to promote her upcoming album and to manage her activities in South Korea.

Two songs from the album will be released in August and September respectively while the full album comes out in October. The first single, Alpha is scheduled for an August 24 release.

6. "Ghost Doctor" confirms its cast including Rain and Kim Bum

Upcoming medical ghost drama, Ghost Doctor has confirmed its cast. Kim Bum, Rain and Apink's Na-eun will be helming the drama that's set to premiere in the first part of 2022. The drama mark Rain's return to the small screen since 2019's Welcome 2 Life.

The drama is about two doctors with completely different backgrounds, skills and personalities who need to work together to solve cases. Rain will be playing doctor Cha Young-min whose spirit possesses another doctor's body. It hasn't been revealed yet who will play the other doctor, but likely it will be Kim Bum.

7. "Now We Are Breaking Up" to pre-record press-conference

Song Hye-kyo's highly-anticipated K-drama, Now We Are Breaking Up will be pre-recording its press conference ahead of lead actor, Jang Ki-yong's military enlistment.

"We will be pre-recording the press conference in advance and then releasing it before the drama begins airing," said the producers on August 11. Due to the pandemic, many press conferences have chosen live streams instead of physical conferences. But it's rare for a drama to have its press conference pre-recorded.

"Since our drama belongs to the emotional romance genre, we decided that it was especially important to show the leads’ relationship and chemistry [during the press conference]. Therefore, instead of holding the press conference without actor Jang Ki-yong, we decided to greet the press a bit early, with everyone present," they added.

Now We Are Breaking Up is set to premiere in November.

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8. BTS' Suga produces own rendition of Samsung's "Over the Horizon" tune

In addition to starring in a new commercial for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, BTS' Suga has also worked on reimaging Samsung's iconic tune, Over the Horizon. The sound was created 10 years ago that would "motivate people to challenge their limits and open them to greater possibilities". But through time, the tune has also evolved while still carrying the same impact.

Every year, Samsung invites new renditions of the song and this year, they tapped the BTS rapper and produce to put his own spin on the tune. "I was really excited when they asked me to do the project. I started off feeling like it was meant to be," Suga said. "It was an honour to work on a song that's been part of Galaxy's 10-year history," he added.

Suga, who also goes by the solo moniker Agust D when releasing his personal mixtape, revealed that he wanted this version to evoke a feeling of hope and openness, which rings true especially during the pandemic. "It's about going beyond our limits. No one knows what will unfold. But our dreams make us go further than ever. I hope that together with Galaxy, you'll feel your heart open up," he said.

Suga's rendition of Over the Horizon opened this year's Samsung Galaxy Unpacked where BTS' new commercial also debuted, as the brand's ambassadors.

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9. ITZY announces the release of their first full album

ITZY announces that their comeback will see the release of their first full-length album. The girl group unveiled a poster for Crazy in Love, the title of the album. Loco will serve as the title track and is scheduled for release on September 24.

This marks the girl group's first comeback since the release of Guess Who, their fourth mini-album earlier this year.

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