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Song Joong Ki recently made his K-drama comeback in Vincenzo, and he wraps up his dark comedy experience with an exclusive interview with Tatler Malaysia

Vincenzo may have come to an end on May 2, 2021, but main lead Song Joong-ki is still riding high in popularity. Already a top Hallyu star known for playing a diverse spectrum of roles, Netflix's Vincenzo was perhaps his darkest project yet.

In the K-drama, Song portrays Italian mafia consigliere Vincenzo Cassano, a character that is at times brutal in seeking vengeance but the show is also peppered with comedic moments for good measure. This stereotype-breaking ‘dark hero’ format, coupled with a stellar cast and Song’s cool, handsome mien, propelled the dark comedy to a resounding success both in South Korea and internationally.

Today, the K-drama is ranked within Netflix's Top 10, where it continues to gain love from new audiences and keep fans hooked.

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Sitting down with Tatler Malaysia for the first time, Song opens up about his Vincenzo experience. One of the most difficult scenes to film, Song reveals, was the scenes of Italy in the emotional first episode. As the Covid-19 pandemic had hit Europe hard at the time of production, the scenes were made possible purely through masterful editing and computer graphics (CG).

While you couldn't tell that they weren't filmed on-site, it was a struggle for Song. "I felt a lot of pressure for the emotional aspects to match well with the CG scenes. I did feel a bit wistful. If I had been able to act in Italy, I could have gotten more energy from the actual place. I felt a bit of anxiety that it could have been better," he says.

On the flipside, Song mentions that he also grappled with the bromance scenes, in particular the ones with Kim Sung-cheol (Hwang Min-sung in Vincenzo). "Honestly, it didn't feel as cringeworthy as one might think. It was actually funny," he explained, adding that he felt a bit embarrassed and had a hard time holding in his laughter.

Song also talks about what he loves most about co-star Kim Yeo-jin's character Choi Myung-hee, which character on the show he identifies most with and more.

Watch the full interview below:

Above Song Joong-ki talks to Tatler Malaysia about his role in Netflix's 'Vincenzo'
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