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We can hear the wedding bells ringing soon as these Korean couples are set to tie the knot sometime this year

Love is in the air in the Hallyu world. After Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon’s wedding in January, more Korean celebrities have announced their upcoming marriage plans including K-drama stars and K-pop idols.

Curious to find out who else will be tying the knot this year? Keep scrolling to check out our roundup of all the Korean stars who are planning to get married in 2022.

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1. Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin

Reel to real couple, Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin have announced their wedding plans on Instagram. Son posted a photo of a miniature wedding dress and said, “I found someone to spend the rest of my life with. Yes…it’s him.”

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin made the announcement via his management and said, “I'm going to take the important decision of marriage and step carefully into the second act of my life.”

The celebrity power couple first worked together in the 2018 movie, The Negotiation as enemies. They starred opposite each other—this time as lovers—in the smash K-drama, Crash Landing on You and a year later, they were confirmed to be dating.

The BinJin couple is set to exchange their vows in March with their family and close friends.

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2. HyunA and Dawn

K-pop artists, HyunA and Dawn are getting their happy ending. The former label mates turned couple announced their engagement on Instagram, posting a new set of rings. Dawn’s caption says, “Marry Me” to which HyunA posted, “Of course, it’s a yes.”

The couple made their relationship public in 2018 and subsequently left their company so they can happily be together. Later, they both signed with Psy’s label, PNation.

Since then, the two have been dating publicly while pursuing their solo careers. They recently worked together to release their joint EP 1+1=1. HyunA is a former member of the girl group, Wonder Girls while Dawn was previously part of Pentagon. Although the couple haven’t announced when they’ll wed, we certainly hope it’s soon.

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3. T-ara’s Jiyeon and Hwang Jae-gyun

Jiyeon from K-pop girl group, T-ara announced that she’s tying the knot with KT Wiz baseball player, Hwang Jae-gyun. “I have a boyfriend whom I met with good feelings last year through an acquaintance. He always considers me first, cherishes me, and tells me that happiness is a gift in my life. We promised to get married in the coming winter,” she said.

The baseball player also posted a handwritten letter on his Instagram about his plans to wed. “I have found someone I want to be with forever. I have decided to get married to a friend who helped me a lot by holding me and being next to me when I was going through a hard time last year.”

The couple had been dating for about six months before their engagement. Hwang revealed during a guest appearance on the Korean variety show, Mr House Husband that he’s dating although he didn’t say it’s Jiyeon.

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4. 2PM’s Chansung and his non-celebrity girlfriend

2PM’s Chansung revealed late last year about his plans to get married and that he will be a father soon.

“While preparing and planning marriage with this person after my military discharge, the blessing of a new life came to us earlier than expected, and we are planning to get married as early as the beginning of next year,” the singer and actor said in his letter.

In addition to his marriage and becoming a father, Chansung also said that he will be leaving JYP Entertainment after 15 years when his contract finishes. He didn’t say where he’s headed next but promised to share his plans with his fans.

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5. Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyou-hyuk

Singer and actress Son Dam-bi took to Instagram to announce her upcoming wedding to former national speed skater, Lee Kyou-hyuk.

In a handwritten letter, Son said, “There is someone I want to share my life with. I am getting married in May to a person who makes me look the most like myself when we’re together, makes me laugh when we’re together, and has helped me realise what happiness is.”

The couple’s agencies confirmed their three-month relationship in December 2021. Son debuted in 2007 and transitioned as an actress in 2009. Her soon-to-be husband, Lee is a four-time Speed Skating World Cup champion and two-time world record holder.

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6. T-ara’s Soyeon and Cho Yu-min

Former T-ara member, Soyeon is also getting married. The singer and actress will be tying the knot with Suwon FC soccer player, Cho Yu-min who is nine years her junior. Her agency, Think Entertainment confirmed the news.

Soyeon also initially wrote a letter to personally tell her fans of her upcoming marriage but has since been deleted. It says, “I decided to spend the rest of my life with someone I’m grateful to who always supports and believes in artist Soyeon and person Park Soyeon, cheers me on so that I can take on challenges without giving up whenever I’m tired and makes a sincere effort towards my beloved parents.”

Soyeon was in T-ara for eight years and left the group in 2017 when her contract expired. Soyeon and Cho have been dating for three years.

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