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In an exclusive interview with Tatler, K-pop band Pentagon shares their process for making IN:VITE U, working with each other and why the new mini-album ushers in a new chapter in their career

For K-pop band Pentagon, their new mini-album marks a new beginning. Not only is it the group’s comeback in 10 months or the return of member Jinho, but IN:VITE U ushers in a new chapter in their career, aimed at bringing them to the next level.

Sure enough, the 12th mini-album is an invitation to their fans, Universe to see and experience their growth. Trading lighter and bright concepts, the group opted to showcase their growth and transformation with a mature and sexier concept. The powerful, energetic, bass-heavy title track, Feelin’ Like leaves listeners wanting for more. It takes inspiration from Greek mythology, specifically Pygmalion to show awakening, temptation and a relaxed attitude towards love.

In celebration of their new release, the current lineup—Jinho, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeoone, Yanan, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok—talks to Tatler about the process of making IN:VITE U, working with each other and what they want their fans, Universe to feel after listening to the mini-album.

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Congratulations on the release of your 12th mini-album! Can you tell us more about the theme of IN:VITE U?

Kino: The main theme for this album is a more mature Pentagon—sophisticated and flirty. This is an album that was made after thinking about how we could give a different feeling, both music-wise and visually.

Hongseok: As Kino said, we thought of the theme based on the story of the Greek mythology, Pygmalion. We are back with a concept that allows us to be more mature and subtly sexy.

Speaking of the title, what’s the story or reason behind naming it IN:VITE U?

Jinho: We decided on this title because, unlike our previous albums, this album’s attitude towards love has a strong feeling of seduction to it. We wanted to give off the feeling of inviting our fans, Universe and the public who listens to this album, into Pentagon’s universe.

Yeoone: To select the title track, we went through a blind test of about 500 songs. From all of those songs, we have chosen the best one.

You’ve released 12 mini-albums since debuting. What’s different about IN:VITE U?

Hongseok: I think we have become more mature. We had taken on many challenges before but this album has really shown our transformation. I think it’s the type of sexiness that comes from maturity, not just plain and simple sexiness.

Shinwon: What’s most notable about this album is that it contains a new charm that we have not shown before and Pentagon’s coolness really blows up in this album.

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The title track, Feelin’ Like is very catchy with heavy beats. What’s the message behind the song and why did you decide to make it your title track?

Yeoone: We thought it would be the best choice to show our refined and transformed image and also because the catchy beats were its strongest merit.

Kino: First of all, it’s a side of Pentagon that we haven’t shown before and it was the best song that shows our “aged-up” (word used by Kino himself) selves. In the lyrics, we included our more relaxed attitude towards love.

Wooseok, Kino and Jinho, you wrote the lyrics for Feelin’ Like. Can you tell us more about the creative process and the synergy between the three of you while working on this?

Jinho: Before we start making anything, we decide on the theme and plan every single detail. Since there can be different opinions on even one topic, we try to keep things organised to prevent confusion.

Kino: I decided on a theme and we needed to go through a process where that theme needs to be accurately delivered and explained to the members. After that, the members share the lyrics that they wrote from their own interpretations with each other, and then we organised it so that the lyrics could easily connect.

Wooseok: I think we were able to come up with various ideas and words within the single theme and concept. Since we had three people listening and deciding, the quality improved with time.

“We’re more mature. We had taken on many challenges before but this album has really shown our transformation”
Hongseok, Pentagon

This is your first comeback after 10 months. How does it feel to be back? How has the last 10 months been for you?

Shinwon: As it has been a while since we made a comeback, we have diligently taken care of ourselves to show you our improved and better selves!

Yanan: First of all, working with Jinho on this promotion after a long time without him was the part I was most looking forward to. I realised the importance of our hyung (eldest member), as I was working on a TV series in China for the past 10 months.

Yuto: I’m so happy because it’s a music promotion that we have been waiting for since last year. I’m especially thrilled to be working with Jinho and I’m living every day with gratitude.

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The music video for Feelin’ Like reinterprets objects related to temptation. Can you tell us more about that?

Jinho: I think that the interpretation of the song’s theme of “temptation” is instinctive and a little closer to something physical. I was acting in the music video as if the sculpture were the other person and I think that is why I, as well as our viewers, was able to feel that kind of mood a bit more.

Yeoone: This album’s theme of “temptation” is what will make our fans fall [more] for Pentagon. I think the selected objects like the sculpture and various props worked well together with the song's atmosphere.

Besides Feelin’ Like, there are other tracks in IN:VITE U where other members wrote. Each of them puts the focus on something specific like the Ferris wheel in Sparkling Night, a voice in Call My Name, comparing tension to a game in The Game, a bad break-up in Bad and more. Where did you draw the inspiration for these?

Kino: Rather than having gotten inspired from somewhere, I have a notebook that I regularly use to keep the ideas that I dig up and I use those ideas for each situation suitably.

Wooseok: I wrote the songs while enjoying expressing them as I wanted to, rather than trying to match someone’s taste.

Wooseok, you participated in writing the lyrics for all six tracks. How was the experience?

Wooseok: It took a long time to complete the album and during that process, there was failure and feeling hopeless. But the album didn’t leave me with any regrets because I didn’t get exhausted or frustrated. I was able to feel a wide range of emotions while working because every song also has a different style.

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Out of all the six tracks, do you have a favourite line or lyrics and why?

Shinwon: I like the song, One Shot and the line, “can you hear my heart beating” because that part heightens the tension.

Yuto: It’s the line, “overcoming the pain with more pain” in Sparkling Night. I like it because it feels like I grow from the pain that sometimes comes while one might think they can’t grow if they’re used to pain.

If you could use a word or phrase to describe this new mini-album, what would it be and why?

Shinwon: A masterpiece! The album is perfect!

Yanan: If I were to describe it in one word, it would be “growth” because I think we grew, compared to our previous concepts.

Yuto: “High-end Pentagon” because we added a type of sexiness that is different from how we were before.

Can you tell us more about this “new” Pentagon that you wanted to showcase through the mini-album?

Hongseok: The “new” Pentagon that we wanted to show is a matured Pentagon. We hope that our fans, Universe notice not only the difference in the concept but also how the visuals and music from this promotion are more mature than before.

Yeoone: Our goal is to show how we developed and matured and fortunately, I think we did well. I hope we continue to grow and show you amazing things as Pentagon.

Wooseok: I tried to change my mindset to maximise the new look of this mini-album, including the visuals, songs and the performance on stage for people to notice at first glance. It was important for me to understand and fall in love with [the mini-album] first, before presenting the album to others so that they could feel the new change too. 

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“I hope it’s like turning to the second page of Pentagon”
Kino, Pentagon

What do you want your fans to feel after listening to IN:VITE U?

Jinho: It would be our group’s “growth”. Skill-wise and as seen in our styling, we tried our best to show how we have matured and I’m glad that many people feel that way. Thank you!

Hongseok: I would appreciate it if people thought, “Pentagon has developed in terms of music! Pentagon is continuously getting better and I can’t wait to see what they will bring to us.”

Shinwon: I hope they think, “This is what I’m talking about!” when they listen to our album. I hope they also see Pentagon as a group that has undergone another successful transformation.

Yeoone: I would like them to think, “Pentagon is cooler than before. I look forward to seeing them in the future.”

Yanan: After listening to this mini-album, I hope that Universe will notice our mindset of always wanting to try our best and grow.

Yuto: I want to hear, “Pentagon is good at these kinds of songs as well!” I also hope that this will be an opportunity for those who do not know us yet to get to know us.

Wooseok: Like a dish prepared with heart and soul, this is an album that means a lot to us that we made for Universe. I hope that they enjoy it and that it brings them happiness and strength.

Kino: I hope it’s like turning to the second page of Pentagon.

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