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There are some couple moments in films that make us believe in love while there are those that make us wish we could unsee it

As Valentine’s Day approaches, fall in love once more with these movie couples who have set the bar high in real life and have a laugh at some of the most cringey yet swoon-worthy scenes in romantic comedies.

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Not only will these films give you the butterflies (both good and bad way), but they will also lift your spirit up and remind you to never settle for less. 

Get your romantic fix below:

1. Swoon: Pride and Prejudice

If you’ve seen Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice, you might agree that it has a few dreamy scenes. But while we love Mr Darcy (played by Matthew MacFadyen) and Elizabeth’s (Keira Knightley) intense conversation in the rain, we’ll have to go with the hand flex scene as one of the most romantic moments in rom-com history ever. Not only is it subtle, but this underrated scene portrays tension perfectly—in such a brief intimate moment—by having their characters touch hands. 

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2. Cringe: Twilight

Speaking of tension, there's a scene in Twilight that has turned a supposedly romantic—let alone cute—moment into a cringe-worthy scene. We are definitely speaking about the moment Bella (Kirsten Stewart) first enters the classroom and Edward (Robert Pattinson) immediately covers his nose as he picks up her scent. But it gets worse when she sits beside him and they have a painful conversation during lab. 

3. Swoon: You’ve Got Mail

Kathleen (played by Meg Ryan) and Joe (Tom Hanks) meeting behind the screen as themselves was worth watching at the end of You’ve Got Mail. But what makes this scene better is how Kathleen, who’s in tears, expressed what we had been wishing throughout the film: that it’d be her and Joe in the end.

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4. Swoon: Spiderman

Out of all the Spiderman movies from the superhero franchise, the upside-down kiss from the 2002 film starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst remains iconic. We see MJ get saved by the web-slinging hero of New York and thank him in a way never seen before. Instead of forcing the hero to show his real self, she only unmasks Spiderman halfway (while he’s hanging upside down) to give him a kiss in the pouring rain. 

5. Swoon: The Notebook

The Notebook, a famous romance about two star-crossed lovers, is a movie that can make anyone cry which makes the rain scene all the more worth watching. The agony of waiting finally dawns on Noah (Ryan Gosling) which urges him to finally go for a kiss and start over with Allie (Rachel McAdams). There’s so much passion between the two characters that it would be impossible to think that they’d never end up together. Yet, we still weren’t prepared for the ending!

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6. Swoon: If Beale Street Could Talk

Tish (Kiki Layne) fell in love with Fonny (Stephan James) when she saw how he showed her mother the same level of respect. As Tish recalls this day, we get a glimpse of how the couple first fell for each other while also seeing a foreshadowing of their strong bond even after Fonny is locked up: near the end of the flashback, we see the couple remain holding hands for a while before they part ways. They don’t want to ever let go. Now that’s true love.

7. Cringe: Grease

We understand that Grease might be a period piece and have given us iconic songs to sing along to, be it on-screen or on stage. We can still enjoy this classic but have to face the fact that there are some bits that really do not pass off as romantic. We're talking about the "happy" ending—Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) reconciles with Danny (John Travolta) by turning herself into a bad girl and obviously wins his heart. You're the One that I Want is still a bop, though!

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8. Swoon: Love Hard

Love Hard might have drawn inspiration from its predecessors, but that’s what makes the ending noteworthy. The last scene, where Natalie (Nina Dobrev) woos Josh (Jimmy O Yang) by confessing Love Actually-style, is brilliant as it is. Throughout the flick, the characters have changed the way we view the classics; they did a duet of Baby It’s Cold Outside but changed the words into something wittier and funnier and the film touched on important issues regarding contemporary relationships. So having a classic rom-com ending was definitely the cherry on top!

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9. Cringe: Her

While we can't get enough of Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson's chemistry in this modern romance, we still can't go through the viscerally painful moment where their characters, Theodore, a human, and Samantha, an AI, try to have intercourse by having a surrogate sexual partner, Isabella (Portia Doubleday). We can feel the secondhand embarrassment from Theodore, which shows how brilliant of an actor Phoenix is.

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10. Swoon: The Fault In Our Stars

This teen drama has broken many hearts. But we cannot help but admire a few moments that Hazel and Gus shared in the earlier parts of the film that made us fall in love again, one of which is their first meeting. The couple bumps into each other when they least expect it, followed by stolen glances. Then there’s Gus gazing at Hazel during the meeting that gives us the shivers.

11. Swoon: Crazy Rich Asians

We would have been over chase scenes in romantic movies by now. But we still adore the proposal scene from Crazy Rich Asians. Rachel (Constance Wu) boards a plane, ready to leave the love of her life when he catches up to her.  Nick (Henry Goulding) starts explaining how he would've proposed to her, all while being the polite bloke he is as he helps people who are getting on the plane before popping the question. Now, who wouldn't say yes to that?


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