Cover Miki Yong first visited White Room Studio with her family in 2016. Five years later, she returned for a photoshoot with her newborn, Caia

With storytelling at its core and a philosophy informed by authenticity, White Room Studio continues to capture every significant moment in life for its clients

The ubiquity of smartphones today has democratised photography like never before. While this should have spelt the dearth of demand for photographic services in general, White Room Studio has grown from strength to strength instead—even through the ongoing pandemic’s challenging business climate. Beginning with just its founders Dan Yeo and Elaine Lim 13 years ago, the studio has grown into a 15-strong team. Along the way, it’s also picked up numerous accolades, including Tatler Singapore’s Best of Singapore award for six consecutive years, to become a respected mainstay within the local photography scene.

The secrets to White Room Studio’s success can be gleaned from its approach to photography, which goes far beyond just capturing good photos. “The photographs we take tell stories,” opines co-founder Elaine Lim. “Through these photos, we get to learn so much about our clients and their life journeys… In that respect, I think of White Room Studio not simply as a photo studio, but as a storyteller.”

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This philosophy informs every aspect of White Room Studio’s operations, and centres on capturing authentic portraits with a naturalistic approach. On the technical front, the studio accomplishes this in various ways, from its penchant for using soft natural light to the style of post-processing done for the photos.

Various business decisions have facilitated this as well. Note, for instance, the dedicated studio assistants who are on hand to ensure that every session runs smoothly, or how the studio’s expanded space now includes a guest lounge with an attached pantry, two dressing rooms and a vanity room. The third floor of the studio is yet another highlight. Here, the European-inspired design's tall windows, white walls and high ceilings work together to bathe the interior in warm natural light for a spacious, yet cosy and inviting space.

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While these features allow White Room Studio to deliver a high level of service, they are also crucial in making every session a comfortable, stress-free one. In turn, this translates to a more conducive environment for a client to really be themselves in front of the camera.

The result is a common thread of authenticity that runs through every tapestry woven by White Room Studio through its portraits, each a legacy that preserves the present moment for the future.

Indeed, the idea of creating a legacy is one that resonates with White Room Studio’s clientele. This is perhaps best seen in how clients often return to capture each significant milestone in their lives. With the studio’s nuanced and consistent approach, a client’s life journey is captured over the years in a series of portraits for posterity. Through these photographs and the people in them, White Room Studio is also building its own legacy as well.

Above When does life begin? White Room Studio offers an answer while inviting viewers to reflect on their own

“We love to be a part of our clients' life stories, from the early days of expecting a child until they graduate, even as the parents celebrate their 20th, 30th wedding anniversaries. Doing so through portraits as we watch their families grow—it is truly a privilege to create something for the present and future generations.” –Elaine Lim (co-founder and creative director, White Room Studio)

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