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Running till November 14, this exhibition will take visitors through the history and visual cultures of crypto communities

This week, a major week-long non-fungible token (NFT) exhibition kicked off at Fine Art Storage Services at Le Freeport in Changi with a majestic collection of about 30 different artworks from renowned artists such as Beeple, Andy Warhol and many others in the digital and crypto art world.

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Right Click + Save is an exhibition that is being presented by Appetite, a multi-concept space and research centre and Coinhako, a digital asset wallet service. It is Singapore’s first large-scale NFT exhibition and was curated by Appetite’s art lead, Clara Che Wei Peh.

The exclusive exhibition which runs till November 14, takes visitors through the history and visual cultures of crypto communities. It does this by showcasing digital art through different formats such as framed prints, monitors, projections and more. 

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Of course, the question here that you might be asking is, what are NFTs and what do they have to do with art. You will not be alone in asking your question for sure because even though NFTs have been slowly gaining popularity over the years, many people still know very little about them. 

NFTs, are unique tokens that can be linked to objects such as digital art, music and even tweets. They are proof of ownership and digital certificates of authenticity. The information on these NFTs is then stored on a digital ledger known as the blockchain.

They are advantageous simply because they help to verify a work’s origin and can potentially allow artists to get resale royalties. 

“NFTs are a natural extension of our longstanding interest in alternative and experimental modes of artistic production. Right Click + Save will show to a wider audience that this new medium is not just here to stay but to redefine the ways in which we interact with each other,” explained Kaushik Swaminathan, the General Manager and Head of Research at Appetite.

That said, slots to the exhibition are extremely limited and viewings are by appointment only. In fact, it was fully booked out before the exhibition even began. 

The public is still welcome to join a number of online panel discussions that will be taking place on Twitter Spaces. They can also view a parallel exhibition on the virtual collaboration platform Spatial till December 7.

If you are booked to go down or if you are just curious, here are some of the highlights from the exhibition.

In one of the first rooms, visitors can look out for Robert Alice’s Block 09 (from Portraits of a Mind series) which is a circular piece of art that features the entirety of the code for bitcoin. Taking almost three years of painstaking labour, this is one you will need to get up close and personal with to really appreciate. 

If the world of bitcoin has always confused you because of its intangibility, something to keep an eye out for is the BTCC Mint Bitcoin Block which is essentially 50 bitcoin (which is about SG$4 million) in a silver block. The piece is on loan from Raghav Sood who is the Vice President of Strategy at Coinhako.

In the other rooms, enjoy works that range from Sarah Meyohas’ Bitchcoin and Robert Alice’s Portraits of a Mind to the iconic Rare Pepe genesis NFT, Andy Warhol’s Untitled (Flower), Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza series, Refik Anadol’s immersive data visualisation, and more.

Visitors can also take a look at the only work of art that is for sale at the exhibit which is a Doge To The Moon figurine and NFT. The work is being presented with local collectables company Mighty Jaxx and is up for auction from November 12. The starting bid price is a million dogecoins which come up to about US$260,000.

“NFTs have seen explosive growth this year and we can no longer ignore them. The advent of NFTs has opened a new paradigm for the creator economy, and similar to how we created a seamless gateway to digital assets, we now want to do the same for NFTs,” said Yusho Liu, the founder and chief executive officer of Coinhak.

“As a business, we believe that NFTs have much potential to grow—considering their synergy with crypto, art, music, and esports. They are a new class of digital assets that will revolutionise the world, the way crypto already has,” he continued. 

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