Cover Photo: Namewee on Instagram

The Malaysian rapper made headlines yet again, earning over RM4 million overnight after releasing his controversial single, Fragile as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the platform OpenSea

Just three hours after releasing 99 NFTs of his hit single Fragile on the NFT marketplace OpenSea, Taiwan-based Malaysian rapper Namewee became a millionaire when all the minted units sold out, earning him 209 ETH (Ethereum), which is around RM4 million. 

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The rapper posted the news on his Facebook page on November 7, expressing that he was at a loss for words and thanking netizens for supporting the work of creators through this avenue. Namewee's song Fragile, featuring Australian artist Kimberley Chen, was released online on October 15, hitting 20 million views on YouTube in just two weeks, mainly from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. 

Shortly after its release, the controversial song was banned in China, and both Namewee's and Chen's Weibo accounts were also taken down. The Ipoh-born rapper took to social media recently, revealing that many of his NFT buyers hailed from China.    

Namewee, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, has also posted on Facebook that he believes in the future of virtual currency, claiming that he will not convert his virtual earnings into cash but will release more NFTs on November 12.  


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