Cover Decorate your house with these fun Hong Kong-themed art pieces (Photo: Courtesy of Eleanor McColl)

Add a little slice of Hong Kong to your home with the help of these Hong Kong-themed art stores

There’s no place like Hong Kong. With thousands of high-rise buildings, quintessentially Hong Kong neon light signs, hundreds of mountain peaks to conquer, hole-in-the-wall meals to be had, and shopping malls to explore, Hong Kong is one of the most unique cities in the world where 7.5 million of us call home. 

Whether you’re located in Hong Kong, living abroad and missing home, or if you’re looking to gift a piece of Hong Kong to a friend moving overseas, here are the best Hong Kong themed wall art shops for gifting and decorating. 

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Tommy Fung of Surreal Hong Kong

Boasting over 156k followers on Instagram, Tommy Fung is the creator of @surrealhk, a popular account that shares realistically photoshopped images of Hong Kong, blending fiction with reality. Many of his works can be purchased as high-quality prints, including the Lamborghini Taxi—a red Hong Kong taxi edited into a Lamborghini shaped parked in Central, and Jumbo Sinking, released in 2020 when the iconic restaurant closed down, depicts Aberdeen’s Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant sinking. 

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The APT Studios

Opened by photographer Victor Cheng, The APT Studios is an online store selling colourful print photos taken by Cheng. The majority of the photos are dreamy, picture-perfect stills of Hong Kong, from Pink Fire Station, which shows a pastel pink Hong Kong fire station; to Cotton Candy City, a photo of the Victoria Harbour during dusk; and Choi Hung’s popular basketball court. 

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Sophia Hotung

Illustrator Sophia Hotung is best known for her series of The Hong Konger illustrations, all of which are based on The New Yorker covers. Hotung changes the details from old New Yorker covers and puts in Hong Kong elements instead. For example, in Cable Guys, she illustrates a family in a cable car at Ocean Park to mirror the cable car New Yorker cover from 1964 which showed New York World's Fair. 

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Alvin C.K. Lam

Alvin C.K. Lam sells prints of his hand-drawn watercolour illustrations of local Hong Kong shops. If you’re missing the little things of Hong Kong, from alleyway barbers, birdcage shops, wet market stalls and vegetable stalls, Lam’s online shop’s got you covered with its colourful collection of drawings. 

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Louise Hill Design

Artist Louise Hill Design is well known for her boldly coloured illustrations of Asia. Each art piece is packed with details and loud imagery from Hong Kong. Combining and layering different illustrations and snippets of photographs on top of each other to create the final illustration, you’ll discover more and more details the longer you observe each art piece. 

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Eleanor McColl

Artist Eleanor McColl highlights the unnoticed details of the city through her illustrations. Her Spirit Collection features vibrant and playful illustrations of Hong Kong, from the well-known dan tat, to Hong Kong’s Bauhinia with images of the city illustrated on the pedals. 

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Anna Salenko

Russian-born artist, Anna Salenko’s best known for her palette knife drawings that can be found across the city’s leading brands and hotels. Her work is also featured at Shek Tong Tsui’s popular cafe, 14 South Lane where a variety of her miniature paintings can be found. From original paintings of the Hong Kong skyline, to the streets of Kowloon and Central, you’ll always be reminded of the city’s hustle and bustle energy with one of her paintings in your living room. 

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