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There’s nothing better than walking down the streets of Hong Kong and admiring the many murals around town on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Here we list the artists behind the city's colourful street art

In the past decade, Hong Kong has quickly developed as one of Asia’s leading art districts, attracting art enthusiasts and collectors every year to visit art exhibitions such as Art Basel and Art Central.

Other projects such as The West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong Museum of Art and Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts have also been introduced by the government to further develop Hong Kong’s art scene, giving the city breath of fresh air.

Art murals and street art have also been gaining popularity in the city as art organisations such as HKWALLS create more opportunities for local and international artists to showcase their talent through public art. If you’ve ever walked by a mural in Hong Kong and wondered who the artist is, you might find your answer in this article. From colourful neon walls to monochrome line drawings and more, here are some of the best mural artists in the city. 

Carol Mui and Rebecca T Lin

If you’re into house plants, nature and greenery, you’d love the murals by business manager Carol Mui and graphic designer, Rebecca T. Lin. These two friends started their mural business, #creativehustlers in 2017 to take on mural commissions from companies, restaurants and local shops and have since created murals for companies such as DBS, Lululemon and Pizza Express. Want to snap a photo with one of their gorgeous murals? Head over to The Mills in Tsuen Wan for that Instagram-perfect shot.

@carolmuiii @rtl.creations

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Samantha Cheung

For the most satisfying lettering and calligraphy murals, Samantha Cheung’s got you covered. Her neat line drawings and lettering murals are not only pleasing to the eyes but they’re also fun to read. While you’ll mainly find her calligraphy work on her feed, you’ll also spot the occasional yoga shot or time lapse videos of her art process on Instagram. 


UUendy Lau

Drawing inspiration from animals and nature, Uuendy Lau is a Hong Kong and London-based designer who occasionally dabbles in mural painting. You might have seen her colourful mural, The Urban Forest, while walking by Lyndhurst Terrace in Central— a fairytale-like piece which features a colourful forest of flowers in all shapes and sizes. 

Commissioned by jewellery brand, Rich and Rare, “Rich and Rare” characters such as Alexander the Great are carefully immersed within the art piece to capture the beauty of finding nature in an urban setting. Aside from murals, you’ll find adorable, minimalist line art drawings of animals and nature on her Instagram. 


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Pasha Wais

Hong Kong-based Pasha Wai is a Russian painter who creates four-dimensional colour blocking pieces. While some of his smaller artworks on canvas might be available for purchase, a majority of the work he showcases on Instagram are his medium to large scale murals. Painting over buildings in countries such as China, Russia and Taiwan, his bold work breathes new life to grey spaces. Find his work on Square Street in Sheung Wan, on The Pulse’s rooftop in Repulse Bay and even at the Graffiti Zone at K11 Musea.


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Zoie Lam

Fashion designer, illustrator and stylist, Zoie Lam’s bright and cheery artwork is a reflection of this pink-haired artist’s very own persona. Her paintings often include friendly-looking monsters and creatures imagined by Zoie herself, making her neon-hued paintings pop even more. Catch her work around town or support her work by purchasing from her clothing brand, Zlism. 


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Bao Ho

Self taught artist, Bao Ho started her art career in 2015 and has since worked with local and international brands in creating fun murals to liven up blank spaces. While her art style has slightly changed throughout the years— incorporating more colours into her painting compared to her earlier years— her art remains captivating and whimsical, with no detail in her art ever too small.  


Wong Ting Fung

Blending together sharp graphics, dot work and portraits, Wong Ting Fung is known for his black-and-white murals and drawings. His surrealistic artwork uses contrasting techniques to reflect Wong’s interpretation towards human, life and society. Find his work at The Mills in Tsuen Wan or look around for his fish mural next time you’re dining at Amber


Alex Croft

Creator of perhaps one of the most well-known mural pieces in town, Alex Croft is the artist behind the iconic old Hong Kong painting on Hollywood Road. Since the famous mural’s been completed in 2013, Croft has continued creating colourful, Hong Kong-inspired artwork. His more recent art pieces include the pictured mural for Hong Kong Jockey Club in Cheung Chau, as well as his project with Deliveroo on Graham Street. 


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