Cover Here are the things you shouldn’t miss at Festive Korea 2021 in Hong Kong (Photo: Korean Cultural Centre in Hong Kong)

Festive Korea 2021 is bringing a wealth of cultural experiences over the course of two months to Hongkongers who're after a slice of Korean culture. Here are the things you shouldn’t miss at the event

Have you been binge-watching Korean dramas this year and listening non-stop to K-pop songs that you’ve been itching to travel to South Korea? You’re not alone. South Korea is among the top destinations for many Hongkongers and with travel restrictions still in place, many are in need of something to satisfy their travel blues.

The good news is that the Korean Cultural Centre in Hong Kong and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong are joining hands to organise the 11th edition of Festive Korea, bringing a slice of Korean culture to Hong Kong. This year, the theme is ‘K-connected’, referring to the connection between South Korea and Hong Kong through the exchange of arts and culture.

Festive Korea 2021 will be providing Hongkongers with a wealth of cultural experiences over the course of two months, making them feel much closer to South Korea. Here, we break down some of the must-sees and visit during the Korean cultural festival in Hong Kong, whether you love K-pop, Korean food, Korean art or just Korean culture in general.

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Korea Square 2021

This three-day event will take place at PMQ Courtyard and Marketplace where you can see a range of Korean products from food to beauty essentials.

In addition to the showcase in the marketplace, you can also enjoy a range of cultural activities including yutnori games (traditional Korean board games), tuho  (a traditional game that requires players to throw an arrow or stick from a set distance), archery and Hanbok experiences. To top it all off, there will also be K-pop and traditional Korean music performances such as Samulnori (a genre of Korean percussion music).

When: October 29–31
Where: PMQ Courtyard and Marketplace
Admission: Free

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K-pop Dance Festival

It's impossible to talk about Korean culture without mentioning the meteoric rise of K-pop thanks to groups like BTS and Blackpink, sweeping the global music industry.

There will be a K-pop Dance Festival this year with the theme of the evolution of K-pop. Here, Hong Kong K-pop dance groups will showcase K-pop music from the 90s to the present day, focusing on several pivotal points in the development of K-pop through dance performances.

When: November 13
Where: Korean Cultural Centre Hong Kong, PMQ
Admission: Free, registration required at

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PUBG Tournament

Just as K-pop and K-drama are big in South Korea and Hong Kong, E-sports is also gaining popularity in Asia.

Hong Kong E-sports fans are in for a treat with the PUBG Tournament where you will be watching (or participating in) a tournament on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), one of the most popular Korean online multiplayer shooting games. The tournament is open to all PUBG players to take part in and get a chance to win amazing prizes.

When: October 8
Where: Korean Cultural Centre Hong Kong, PMQ
Admission: Free, registration required at

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Classical music performances

Renowned Korean musicians will be performing in Hong Kong as part of Festive Korea 2021 through a series of concerns. Pianist Han Yoonie will be collaborating with Hong Kong musicians at the ‘Festive Korea 2021 x Collegium Musicum Hong Kong’ event.

Meanwhile, award-winning violinist Shin Zia will be performing with Hong Kong celebrated artists at the HKGNA Music Festival. She will also perform with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra at ‘Swire Maestro Series: Jaap | Beethoven 3’.

Finally, award-winning visually impaired violinist, Kim Ji-sun will be making her Hong Kong debut at the HKGNA Music Festival Finale Concert together with Hong Kong Philharmonic Viola principal and conductor, Andrew Ling, conductor Felix Shuen and other musicians.

When: November 1 and 28 (HKGNA), November 12 (Collegium Musicum Hong Kong)
Where: Various locations
Admission: Free, registration at (Collegium Musicum Hong Kong), $300, $200 and $100 at Urbtix (HKGNA)

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Korean-themed art exhibitions

Festive Korea 2021 will be presenting a series of exhibitions from mid-October. A few of the highlights include Pervade which showcases various masterpieces from the 20th-century Korean modern art scene by Lee Ung-no, Park Re-hyun and Ha In-doo. The exhibition is a rare opportunity to see the unique art pieces of the first generation of Korean modern artists in Hong Kong.

Another exhibition, Welcoming the Moon: Korean Hands, the Next Generation will present artworks inspired by the moon from Kim In-sig, Kwon Jung-mo, Lee Jung-won and Cho Byung-hee—all of whom are renowned figures in the Korean crafts industry.

Don’t miss out on the photography exhibition, Korea Through Our Eyes 2021, too, where you can see stunning images about South Korea and Korean culture. The works are pre-selected through an open-to-all photography exhibition that aims to promote Korean tourism and showcase Korea as seen by Hongkongers.

When: October 5–28 (Korea Through Our Eyes), October 15–November 20 (Welcoming the Moon), November 25–January 8 (Pervade)
Where: PMQ Studio H211 (Korea Through Our Eyes), Korean Cultural Centre Hong Kong (Welcoming the Moon, Pervade)
Admission: Free

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Korean food galore

For Korean food lovers and even those who love cooking in general, there’s something for you at Festive Korea 2021 too. Join in the K-Food Top Chef Cooking Contest to showcase your creativity and techniques. Winners will receive gifts and win prizes of up to HK$7,000 in value.

Those who are more interested in honing their cooking skills and learning how to make authentic Korean dishes can opt for the K-Food Masterclass to know more tips and techniques from Kimchi Factory head chef, Park Yong-ho and Chef & Taste head chef, Choi Woo-sik.

When: October 3, 10 (Masterclass), October 24 (Cooking contest)
Where: Towngas Cooking Centre, Causeway Bay
Admission: Registration at

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Korean movies screening at HKAFF

This year’s Festive Korea continues its collaboration with the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (HKAFF) to screen more than 10 Korean movies in addition to talks and workshops. In fact, the Director in Focus for this year is Yoon Soon-rye, one of the most prominent female Korean directors.

For more details of the Korean movies screening at HKAFF, please visit the official website.

When: October 27–November 14
Where: Various cinemas
Admission: Ticket required, visit

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Korean traditional craft workshop

If you’re looking to experience more traditional Korean crafts, be sure to attend the workshops during Festive Korea 2021. This year, the themes are hanbok and hanji (traditional Korean paper) where visitors will have the chance to make Hanbok diffusers and Hanji mood lights with the help of Eunice from Friday Co., dedicated Korean art and craft instructor in Hong Kong.

At the Hanbok diffuser workshop, the instructor will introduce a common stitching method in Korea and even show how women braided their hair in the old days. Meanwhile, at the Hanji lamp workshop, participants will learn about Hanji and Korean calligraphy.

When: October 2, 16, 23, 30 (Hanbok diffuser), November 6,13, 20, 27 (Hanji lamp)
Where: Lecture Room, Korean Culture Centre
Admission: By registration at

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