Cover Korea Square 2021 will take place from October 29–31 in PMQ, Hong Kong (Photo: Courtesy of Korean Culture Centre in Hong Kong)

Taking place between October 29–31, you can experience Korean traditional games featured in Netflix’s Squid Game, try Korean food, buy lifestyle products and enjoy cultural activities at Korea Square

With travel still off the cards due to the pandemic, the Korean Culture Centre in Hong Kong (KCC) and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong are bringing a taste of South Korea to Hong Kong this October with the 11th edition of Festive Korea. This is the first Korean cultural festival held in seven regions including Hong Kong, which features a variety of events including the first-ever Korean Square 2021.

Taking place from October 29–31 at the PMQ Courtyard and Marketplace, Korea Square is a three-day event and the first large-scale comprehensive program hosted by KCC. Visitors can enjoy a range of Korean food, snacks, liquor and Korean lifestyle products that will be showcased in the marketplace.

Fans of the Netflix series, Squid Game will be able to play familiar Korean traditional games such as Guseulchigi (play using marbles with the goal to win other players’ marbles), Ddakji (throwing paper cards to flip another players’ cards), Dalgona candy challenge (using a needle to cut out a shape from a sweet honeycomb candy), Yutnori (board dice game using four wooden sticks), Jegichagi (kicking a Jegi into the air and keeping it aloft) and Tuho (throwing javelin sticks into a narrow-necked jar) and more.

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There will also be a number of cultural activities workshops on Hanbok paper doll making, fabric folding art and an opportunity to try on traditional Hanbok. For those who love gadgets and electronic products, Samsung and LG Electronics including Samsung’s latest smartphones will be on display.

Meanwhile, those who crave Korean food will be spoiled for choice at the range of fruits and vegetables freshly delivered from South Korea by Hanyinhong, classic Korean snacks and sweet rice cakes, Korean lunchboxes and Korean-style bottled cold brew coffee and a special rice cake dessert.

Lovers of Korean beauty will be able to purchase Sulwhasoo skincare products and receive complimentary make-up and hairstyle services.

A Korean festival isn’t complete without live performances. There will be K-pop dance and other music acts such as Samulnori (a genre of percussion music) performances during the three-day festival. Last but not the least, in case you’re missing South Korea so much, a live online tour of the country will be available for those who are eager to visit their favourite tourist destinations.

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Korea Square 2021 is happening from October 29–31 at PMQ Courtyard & Marketplace. Admission is free of charge. For more information, please visit KCC's official website.



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