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Known for her upbeat spontaneity and laidback charm, one of Tatler Asia's Most Stylish women Alicia Amin found her soulmate in Farzan Iqbal. After a whirlwind romance, they made their union official with an intimate akad nikah ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

In a fitting continuation to a love story that began in lockdown, fashion model and actress Alicia Amin officially tied the knot with medical doctor Farzan Iqbal. On February 14, 2021, the happy bride thrilled followers by posting an Instagram photo of herself in an Alia Bastamam wedding gown with the groom, captioned "Hard Valentine's gift to top."

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Above Farzan Iqbal and Alicia Amin tied the knot on Valentine's Day

Last year, the couple met through a dating app during the first MCO, eventually meeting in person once lockdown restrictions were eased.

"Honestly, our first date was like lukewarm water; we both had our walls up and we weren't even that interested in each other," Alicia quips. "On our second date onwards, we really started connecting.

"We recently reached a point where we knew we wanted to get married. We're both pragmatic people—we had conversations about the big picture, realising that we wanted to be together and not stay apart, especially since we didn't know how long this lockdown would be or whether there would be another one in the future. Those things all played a part in this decision."

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Farzan eventually surprised Alicia with a classic Tiffany & Co. wedding band, which she had initially picked out. As for Farzan's ring: "I'm a nature lover, so I got him a ring by Gordon Max, the one with a lab-grown diamond; it was simple but perfect," she says.

The lovebirds initially planned to just register their marriage without a ceremony but were able to organise a small and intimate akad nikah at Saidina Umar Al-Khattab Mosque under a strict SOP that allowed only up to six people, in conjunction with the Malaysian government's easing of restrictions for the Chinese New Year festivities.

"It's exactly how I've always wanted my wedding to be: small and private with the people closest to me," adds Farzan. "Lockdown just made the whole thing easier." 

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Although initially put on a waiting list by the mosque, the couple were overjoyed when they were suddenly given the date of February 14 a week before.

"We're both spontaneous and easygoing, so we said, 'Let's do it!'," Alicia says. "It felt like everything came together so smoothly. It wasn't rehearsed and it was full of fumbling and funny moments, like when Farzan left his wallet in his friend's car just before the ceremony, and he had to call his friend to come back."

For the akad nikah, Alicia donned a beautiful Alia Bastamam bridal gown and Naz Living A Style hijab, looking radiant in peachy blush make-up by Khir Khalid. Later, Alicia wore another Alia Bastamam lace gown with a more dramatic make-up look by Khir Khalid and hair-do by Ckay Liow.

"Planning this really wasn’t stressful. Things that usually matter to a bride like make-up, hair, dresses—well, they were easily accessible to me thanks to my career," Alicia explains. "As a model, I had worked with this photographer, make-up artist and hair stylist, and I knew I could trust them to pull off exactly what I wanted." 

In spite of the limited number of guests allowed for the akad nikah, Alicia and Farzan were able to livestream the ceremony to friends and family around the world via a private YouTube link.

The best part about having an akad nikah ceremony with so few guests?

"Even if you mess up and it’s not perfect, it’s still charming and there’s no pressure to follow an itinerary," says Alicia, who hinted at the couple's running joke about not being sure if Farzan would even be able to take the day off from his housemanship duties for his wedding. 

"The akad nikah was beautiful. And when we came home, we exchanged our vows in a more Western-inspired way. It was really touching." Alicia says.  

At present, the couple are keeping their honeymoon plans on hold until it is safe to travel. 

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