Cover Jeweller Emma Clarkson Webb talks us through the five biggest engagement ring styles for 2021 (Image: Emma Clarkson Webb)

London-based jeweller Emma Clarkson Webb talks us through the five biggest engagement ring styles for 2021

The three C’s (carat, clarity, cut) are still at the forefront of every bride's mind, but engagement ring trends are changing. More of us are opting for something different, whether that's a coloured stone or an unusual setting. As it is with ready-to-wear and other accessories, engagement rings go through a trend cycle. London-based jeweller Emma Clarkson Webb, who specialises in sourcing diamonds and designing bespoke pieces, gives us the lowdown on what styles are abuzz this season.

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Halo rings

"I've seen a huge increase in interest in halo engagement rings with a hexagonal or octagonal shape. Creating a timeless design with an edge is essential for a lot of my clients, and the octagon or hexagon shape certainly helps to create a unique look without compromising too much on the timelessness of a design which is important. This is a great design for a bride who wants something beautiful without being too 'bridal'."

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Blue & green stones

"These colours are very popular, in particular the teal-coloured sapphire which is a perfect mix of blue and green. These stones are very rare and can be tricky to find, especially unheated sapphires, but are totally unique. No two sapphires are ever the same. It’s a great stone for an engagement ring because it’s hard wearing, so it's ideal for someone who wants something practical without compromising on style."

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Combinations of different cuts of diamonds

"If you’re looking for an antique feel or a vintage-inspired design then mixing cuts is a great option. Tapered baguettes with rounds, bullets or epaulettes are a great addition to create a contemporary take on the eternally popular Art Deco design. This is also a great way of incorporating existing stones into a design––the ultimate exercise in upcycling."

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Black diamonds

"Very cool, mysterious and edgy, the black diamond is becoming more and more popular. Set well in yellow or rose gold, the darkness of the stone is incredibly striking and is a great alternative for somebody who doesn’t want a traditional white diamond engagement ring. Perfect for a very modern bride looking for something a little bit different."

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"One of the biggest trends across the board in fine jewellery, but particularly in bridal. I'm seeing a huge amount of clients bringing me sentimental jewellery that they have inherited but that doesn’t work on a practical or aesthetic level. I love incorporating existing family stones into a new design as it makes the ring even more meaningful."

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