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Before we know it, the Tatler Ball 2022 will be happening in one week! As we look forward to our 40th anniversary celebrations, here are eight facts about our annual ball

1. By invitation only

The Tatler Ball is strictly by-invite-only—no plus-ones are allowed, unless they have also been invited. The exclusive guest list of about 320 names is carefully curated ahead of the ball.

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2. Prominent guests

Reserved for the crème de la crème of Singapore—including industry veterans and high society—our guest list has seen prominent figures over the years, such as the late SR Nathan, Tee Yih Jia Foods chairman Sam Goi, Hong Leong Group Singapore chairman Kwek Leng Beng, and former president Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam.

3. Theme

One of the elements that makes the Tatler Ball so exciting is perhaps its theme, which defines the entire event—from the dress code to the menu. Discussions for the theme start as early as a year ahead, and it is selected to reflect the zeitgeist of the moment. Themes for the previous balls include ‘The Lady and Her Professor’ (2016), ‘Rebellion’ (2017) and ‘Maximalism’ (2018), and this year, on our 40th anniversary, we are celebrating all things ‘Legendary’.

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4. Fashion forward

While we are always dazzled by the outfits of our stylish set, there’s no “Best Dressed Award” at the Tatler Ball. There is no competition, as we believe our guests aren’t defined by one fashion moment. Besides, it would be too difficult to choose just one from our crowd of fashion horses.

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5. An intimate soirée

Despite the grand occasion, the Tatler Ball is never held in a colossal ballroom. We have a preference for cosier halls, so that the Tatler family and friends can have a relaxed and comfortable time mingling and catching up with one another.

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6. Appreciating our friends

The highlight of the Tatler Ball is undoubtedly the Tatler Awards, where we take the opportunity to fete the accomplishments of our society friends. This is a Tatler tradition that started from the first ever Hong Kong Tatler Ball in 1995. The categories include Style, Business, Culture, Community Service, as well as the Society Couple of the Year and Diamond Award. Honourees are then featured in our December issue. Past honourees include Arthur Tay, Georgia Lee, Haresh Sharma, Trina Liang-Lin, Kwek Leng Beng and Adrian and Susan Peh, who have all graced our pages. 

7. Comfort food

A long-standing tradition, guests at the Tatler Ball always look forward to a bowl of Teochew porridge to warm their stomachs at midnight. The Teochew porridge bar comes with savoury dishes and condiments, and is our answer to comfort food after an evening of revelry.

8. A moment to remember

Besides the various photo booths that offer plenty of Instagram-worthy moments, guests will also have something more to remember the night by—a beautiful coffee table book, laid out with all the memories from the Tatler Ball, couriered to them as a memento.

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