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For this edition of Tatlergrams, we rounded up the coolest and craziest personalities in the Philippines who donned their most creative costumes over the long weekend

1. BJ Pascual

Acclaimed photographer BJ Pascual went drag for his homage to Filipino queer icon Zsazsa Zaturnnah, a fictional comic book superheroine created by Carlo Vergara. Pascual was joined by Pinoy drag queen Diva Soria, who proudly transformed into Darna, the most iconic female superhero in Philippine pop culture.

Tatler Trivia: While they were partying in New York City, "in full drag makeup, hip pads, tuck and all", Pascual was photobombed by model-actress Cara Delevingne!

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2. Tim Yap

At this point, the hall of fame award for Filipino celebrities in Halloween costumes should be given to Tim Yap. He consistently elevates the game each year! Yap, like many others this year, used the hit series Squid Game as a reference for his costumes. Not only did he wear the iconic green tracksuit of Player 001, but he also had a whole team to transform his face and hair to match the actor Oh Il-nam's physical features. If you think it's basic, think again after you see him in a Francis Libiran sleepwear and oxygen mask for his second look.

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3. Isabelle Daza

Isabelle Daza lives up to the Halloween tradition of dressing up as a scary ghost this year with her costume of Betelgeuse, the trickster and mischievous ghost from Tim Burton's 1988 movie Beetlejuice. Though she seems believable with her smoky, bloodshot eyes and filthy hair, Daza couldn't help but look stunning in her costume.

4. Small Laude

Kim Kardashian's hot pink Balenciaga number for her Saturday Night Live hosting stint was the inspiration for personality and beloved vlogger Small Laude. 

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5. Jeremy Jauncey and Pia Wurtzbach

Adorable couple Jeremy Jauncey and Pia Wurtzbach once again proved that they are a match made in heaven with their Halloween costume this year! Wurtzbach donned a spacesuit while Jauncey was in an alien costume in an orange tracksuit, implying that he was detained by the American space team. Jauncey and Wurtzbach are seen at Al-'Ula, one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula, and home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra.

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