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There are no ifs and buts about it, 2021 has been a difficult year. The pandemic has brought about death, economic crisis, fear and uncertainty. Tatler proudly presents our inspirations, ever grateful for the smile they’ve put on faces and the joy they’ve placed in our hearts

1. Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso

Fondly called “Yorme”, the Manila Mayor, now a presidential candidate, proved his mettle with numerous campaigns to improve the country’s capital. From efficient vaccination schedules, investment in technology, an attention to culture and the arts to a long list of beautification and clean-ups across the city, Moreno has become one of the most visible representatives to hold the post. Prior to becoming the 27th mayor of Manila, he served in its City Council representing the urban district of Tondo, from which he hails. In September, Moreno launched his presidential bid for the 2022 elections at the Baseco Compound in Tondo. Despite his rise to popularity, Moreno remains humble, often seen on-site amongst various districts of the capital.

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2. Lino Cayetano

Mayor Lino Cayetano is the man behind some of Taguig City’s most successful pandemic protocols. Earlier this year, he had earmarked a billion pesos for the funding of COVID-19 vaccines. Since then, about a million of Taguig’s doses have been administered to residents. Furthermore, Cayetano has

3. Victor "Vico" Sotto

Vico Sotto is the youngest mayor in Metro Manila history. At the helm of Pasig City, Sotto’s fresh take on governance has inspired many. His achievements, especially during the pandemic, have made waves across the nation. From free transportation to health care workers, mobile markets, disinfection drones and loan programmes, the mayor wears his passion for the people on his sleeve. However, he is most lauded for his strict outlook on ‘checks and balances’, often lobbying for greater transparency with funds and city spend.

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4. Francis Zamora

San Juan City mayor, Francis Zamora, has been a constant figure in all his city’s initiatives and happenings. This includes its vaccination drive, which, as of July 2021, had been able to inoculate over one hundred per cent of its target population. Zamora is now rallying San Juan’s teenagers and even non-residents to receive a jab in the city. His domain has also been recognised as one of the three most bicycle-friendly cities in 2020’s Mobility Awards.

5. Mar-Len Abigail "Abby" Binay

Makati City is among the most technologically advanced in NCR. Since 2016, Mayor Abby Binay had worked towards transforming her domain into a “smart” city. She’s helped to improve the fibre optic infrastructure around the city, as well as its mobile command centre. This had allowed the city’s government to transfer more than half of pandemic cash aid digitally in just one day. The Civil Service Commission has also nominated her for this year’s Search for Outstanding Government Workers.


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