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Mayor Vico Sotto, Gen T honouree, has been recognised by President Biden's administration as one of 12 global anticorruption champions! Learn more amazing facts about this achiever, here:

1. He is the youngest mayor in Metro Manila

He was the youngest city councillor in Pasig and then became the youngest mayor in Metro Manila, which is quite a feat. His youth might be a contributing factor to how contemporary and on the pulse this politician has been. His efforts have been noticed, admired, and awarded (by US President Joe Biden's administration at that) – garnering him a larger fan base. 

2. Free transportation for healthcare workers and frontliners

Despite the transportation ban and struggles during lockdowns and throughout this new normal, this Pasig mayor set up earth-friendly buses to help essential workers get from point A to point B in order to do their jobs. After the Department of the Interior and Local Government rejected his request to use tricycles, the city stepped up their game and partnered with Global Electric Transport to provide two zero-emission vehicles. He also has been fundraising to get both new and used bikes for frontliners to use as a means of transportation. Mayor Sotto even worked with Grab to provide free use of Grab scooters for medical workers.

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3. Mobile market and kitchens

Mayor Sotto sprung into action to create mobile kitchens to ensure the frontliners who were working overtime to protect Pasig were well-fed with fresh, hot meals. The mobile kitchen creates around 2,000 meal packs and delivers them to over 50 locations. On top of that, he started a 'mobile palengke' (trans. market) so that residences could easily access fresh produce. This was especially important during lockdown when many people could not go to grocery stores. 

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4. Disinfection Drones

Pasig city purchased disinfectant drones that spray buildings and city streets for sanitation purposes. Each drone carries 10 litres of fluid and assists in battling the spread of COVID-19 germs. Similar drones were deployed in China.

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5. Early childhood care kits

Mayor Sotto highly values education and supports the youth. The Pasig City government embarked on a meaningful project of distributing learning kits for early childhood care in day-care centres. There were more than 5000 students who benefited from this initiative. Teachers in local public day-cares received kits and took charge of distribution for their students. In Pasig, Mayor Sotto has worked to also provide parents and guardians with support like supplies and guides to help their children through the academic year.

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6. Checks and balances

In his promise to battle corruption, Mayor Sotto vowed that during his term there will be a decrease in the costs for all his city projects. “As I said in this morning’s flag ceremony, I guarantee that during my administration, the prices of all government contracts will decrease by at least 10 per cent,” Sotto posted on his Facebook page. This was decided in order to battle bribery during the bidding process which tends to be commonplace. In order to ensure this, he mandated that the bidding process for Pasig government projects be vetted and overseen by civil societies and NGO’s. Thus, he has invested in selecting and training civil societies. On his official Facebook page, the mayor said, “We will truly be open for public biddings. Friend or foe, you are welcome to bid. I won’t favour anyone, no rigging”. Sotto also posted that they have saved at least PHP1.2 billion with his new transparent bidding process.

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7. Loan program: Supporting local business

There has been a much-needed loan program for citizens of Pasig city, targeting entrepreneurs and those who are seeking to fund their businesses. In order to support economic recovery, Mayor Sotto allocated around PHP200 million for his Tulong At Pampuhunang Ayuda para sa Taga-Pasig (TAPAT) project.

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8. 24/7 hotline to City Hall

To further his anti-corruption plans, Mayor Sotto has created a 24/7 hotline in order to be transparent and to connect with his constituents. Residents can call city hall directly to file any complaints about government service, government officials or to simply request information on public matters. The service is called “Ugnayan sa Pasig” (Connecting in Pasig). You can reach the service through email, social media or phone.

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9. HIV & COVID-19 assistance

Unfortunately, the Philippines is one of the countries in the world with the most staggering numbers of HIV cases. Despite the struggles of the pandemic, the Pasig city Mayor has not turned his eye on this cause. He signed a declaration to implement “Fast-Track Cities Initiative (FTCI), which aims to scale-up the response to the growing HIV epidemic in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic” UNAIDS shares.

The city will deliver services to any citizen by creating more accessible treatment clinics and by actively training more frontliners to be equipped to carry out HIV and COVID-19 treatment.

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