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From crystals that’ll help manifest wealth, protection, or positivity, The New Moon picks out six healing crystals that’ll help you prosper in the Year of the Tiger

Happy Year of the Tiger! Chinese New Year means it’s time to bring out good luck traditions and renewed feng shui practices to play. This year, however, we’re incorporating healing crystals into the mix to (hopefully) bring our luck to the next level for a happy, healthy and prosperous year of the tiger. 

We spoke to the team behind The New Moon, Hong Kong’s design-led spirituality store by Kaye Dong for their top healing crystal picks to welcome the new year. Whether you’re looking for protection, guidance, or a crystal that’ll help bring in success, there’s something for everyone below.

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To manifest wealth, prosperity and success this Lunar New Year, consider citrine as part of your collection. Citrine is the perfect stone for those who seek joy in their lives, said to harness the power and magic of the sun, transforming it into positive energy that enhances self-confidence. It is also said to bring wealth to a household – money, indeed, but also in broader terms, attracting abundance in all areas of life.

Black Tourmaline

Use the black tourmaline whenever you feel you need a protecting force, from negative energy or even from electromagnetic pollution from your computer or mobile phone. It is also a cleansing mineral that will come in handy whenever you need more energy, and it is believed to have positive effects on the root chakra, so you feel more centred and connected to the earth.

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This Lunar New Year of the Tiger is about bold action. New changes can be exciting but a little daunting, and malachite provides inspiring energy that will encourage you to embrace positive changes this New Year. Malachite supports healthy relationships that are not rooted in co-dependency or neediness and can also open up the heart chakra, making you attuned to unconditional love. As the stone absorbs electromagnetic pollution from computers and mobile phones, it should be cleansed regularly. 


A tiger embodies qualities like courage and strength, and this powerful stone imparts strength and stability to all things and beings around it, protecting its owner on many levels, offering confidence and activating a can-do attitude that brings about positive change and abundance, almost as if setting the spirit on fire.

Optimism, creativity, enhanced memory and practicality all coexist happily in this striking rock, which features incredible cubic formations that showcase nature’s power and whimsy in equal measure. Displayed in the light, pyrite splays rainbows across its surroundings, a stunning show of aesthetics and vibrancy.

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Clear Quartz

A versatile stone that harmonises and encourage positive attitude and clear thinking. It’s ideal if you are just starting to discover the world of crystals, as it offers a wide range of properties and requires no cleansing. A clear quartz cluster can help you in your journey of spiritual growth; alter any negative energy around; clear energy blockages; and help restore balance in your body and mind. In addition, it can also intensify the energy of the other crystals in your collection, as well as cleanse them when needed. 


The tiger is known to be a bold, daring animal, that thinks big and isn’t afraid of change. Vanadinite will support you in turning your dreams into reality. Vanadinite gives out encouraging energy, helping you to stay motivated and focused on achieving any goals you set for yourself. On top of that, it will help give you a boost of creative energy and allow you to communicate your ideas and aims clearly. 


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