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These healing crystals could help make your New Year's resolutions stick

It's a clear and sunny December day in Hong Kong, and I am knocking on a heavy wooden door that belongs to Vanessa Hui. A thick stream of sweet-smelling smoke takes me back as I enter a room teeming with amethyst and clusters of clear quartz. Chunks of moss-green malachite and burnt-orange jasper sit on fitted shelves and a ginger tabby cat scurries across the floor with a jingle of its collar.

Hui is the founder of The Crystal Van, Hong Kong’s newest wellness and spiritual space that sells responsibly sourced healing gemstones and crystal jewellery. She talks me through five must-have crystals, which she says will help us start the new year right.

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1/ Blue Apatite: For encouraging healthy habits

"A stone of willpower, discipline and healthy choices, blue apatite is the stone to reach for when you need with anything willpower related; New Year's resolutions, healthy eating, fitness routines, avoiding overindulgence, and so on. It has detoxing properties that inspire you to release bad habits and motivate you to make healthier choices. This teal-like stone resonates with the throat and third eye chakra to clear confusion, support confident expression and encourage personal growth. Keep one in your kitchen to remind you of your health goals and encourage healthier eating."

2/ Citrine: For manifesting abundance

"Widely known as a stone of wealth and success, citrine is one of the best stones for manifesting abundance and prosperity. This sunny stone radiates a warm energy that floods your space and aura with positivity, joy, wonder and delight. By supercharging the solar plexus chakra (the energetic centre associated with our identity, purpose and inner power) it brings feelings of deep-seated confidence and faith. This high vibration stone activates an abundant mindset so that you can manifest your goals from a place of gratitude and content. Place it on an abundance altar or carry a piece in your wallet to call in wealth and abundance."

3/ Black Obsidian: For clearing negativity

"Black obsidian is a mystical stone associated with purification, energetic protection and introspection. Born from volcanic eruptions, black obsidian calls you to unleash your inner fire, just like its explosive origins. It’s truth-enhancing qualities make you aware of your own negative patterns, unhealthy attachments or limiting beliefs that need to be released. This grounding root chakra stone shields from energy vampires and psychic attack (ill wishes, jealousy or any kind of negative energy sent toward you). Carry it with you—especially when entering new environments or meeting new people. Work with black obsidian to cut emotional ties or attachments. Place by your front door to stop unwanted energy from entering your space."

4/ Malachite: For positive transformation

"Malachite is known as a stone of transformation, positive change and heart healing. If 2022 is the year you want to embrace change, malachite can help. This mesmerising green stone encourages risk-taking, personal growth and stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s a no-nonsense stone that calls you to face hard truths about your reality, making you aware of your own negative patterns that you keep repeating, and need to let go. It encourages deep self-reflection, cultivates self-love and helps one heal emotional baggage or past hurts. Meditate holding a piece of malachite at your heart chakra to release any emotional pain from the past. Work with malachite when you feel 100 per cent ready to embrace change."

5/ Red Jasper: To hit your workout goals

"An energising stone of vitality, strength and endurance, red jasper is the stone to reach for when you need a boost of energy or motivation. This fiery reddish-brown stone powers up your sacral and root chakras igniting feelings of confidence, inner strength and emotional stability. Red jasper inspires action, perseverance and motivates you to achieve your goals, whether health, fitness or career oriented. It will promote personal independence, release codependency and empower you to take control of your destiny. Physically, it is believed to improve circulation, generate muscle tissue and raise stamina making it a great stone to support physical performance. Take red jasper with you to the gym to power up your workout. Wear it close to your body throughout the day if you’re feeling sluggish and need a boost of energy."


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