Cover These crystal home decor pieces aren’t just pretty to look at, they can also be a great healing tool to help you achieve a more peaceful mind (Photo: Courtesy of Unsplash)

We've compiled a list of beautiful crystal-infused home decor pieces that will help increase positive energy and make your home a happier space

For many wellness gurus, crystals are powerful transmitters of the earth’s healing energy. It’s believed that each crystal has its own specific properties, which can help ward off negativity and bring a different effect on the mind and body for better wellbeing. For example, rose quartz is often used to attract love energy and promote peace, while amethyst is a calming stone that works to soothe anxiety and increase your focus. 

If you’re looking for alternative healing therapies to restore your inner peace during these chaotic times, why not give them a try? Below, we’ve handpicked a few beautiful crystal home décor pieces that will not only bring a touch of elegance to your space, but also help increase positive energy and fill the rooms with good vibes. 

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Jia Jia Rose Quartz Display Tray

Not your average home accessory, this piece is energised by rose quartz to help you attract love energy, achieve a greater sense of inner peace and boost feelings of self-love. Stack it on top of a couple of books or use it as a statement-making jewellery stand. 

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Jia Jia Amethyst Geode

Add a wow factor to your home with this gorgeous geode, which features natural amethyst to heal, boost creativity and balance emotions. Place it next to a scented candle or a lamp to amplify its aesthetic appeal.  

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Luxe Agate Slab Tray

Featuring a unique asymmetrical design adorned with golden steel loop handles, this tray is a beautiful injection of style for your living space. Exquisitely made from agate, a gemstone that carries subtle energy to clear out bad vibes and help you create a more peaceful mind, this piece is perfect for displaying beverages and snacks at your next home party.  

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Luxe Agate Table

Another luxury home décor piece that deserves a spot in your home, this table is topped with a gorgeous surface of brown and grey agate in irregular circles, which is adorned with a unique crossover metal leg design to give your space a classier look.  

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Vitajuwel Dispenser Grande Decanter

Serve favourite wines and spirits in style with Vitajuwel’s sophisticated decanter, which comes with the brand’s signature gemstone vials to energise your drinks. Not only will this eye-catching decanter elevate your drinking experience, but it will definitely add a touch of personality to your home.  

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Indigo Living Rose Quartz Bookends

These luxury bookends by Indigo Living is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Featuring an exquisite design complete with natural rose quartz and a marvellously gold exterior, this piece will bring a healthy dash of vibrancy to your home while helping you attract love and release negative energy. 

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Staunton & Henry Agate Drink Coasters

Brighten up your space with these unique drink coasters from luxury homeware brand Staunton & Henry. Made from natural agate stones, each one is unique and crafted with distinct artisanal charm, which will help prevent those pesky rings from forming over the furniture and work to infuse your home with strength and stability.  

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