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Happy Chinese New Year! Find out what February has in store for you with Tatler’s monthly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

The New Moon on February 1 also marks the turning of the lunar year celebrated across much of the globe. This month’s portal opens up in the sign of Aquarius, nudging us all to explore how to contribute socially—taking part in a trend, connecting with a community, or joining a movement, etc. Even if social distancing has you languishing at home in pyjamas all day, it may be possible to expand your presence online. Now is the time to figure out what we can accomplish by linking up with and mobilizing our groups.

On February 4, just three days into the cycle, the Winter Olympic Games begin. As an international demonstration of athletic excellence, respect, and friendship, the Olympics couldn’t be a more fitting embodiment of the Aquarian impulse. Rich and poor nations side by side, joined in sportsmanship and friendly competition. (Incidentally, last year’s delayed Summer Games coincided with a Full Moon in Aquarius.) And yet this New Moon makes harsh contacts with Saturn, symbolizing structures, and Uranus, representing disruption, manifesting in the world as simmering tensions in politics and in financial markets. The pandemic, for many, is also not yet in the rearview mirror. A better world is surely on the way, but we cannot yet see the shape of it clearly.  

The good news is Mercury comes out of the fog of its retrograde on February 4, restoring some ease to our day-to-day scheduling, planning, and gadgetry. Venus and Mars are due to join their energies over the next several weeks, also in Capricorn, joined by asteroid Vesta, which signifies focused devotion. This is the time for fearless insistence on your desires. With planets making their way through Capricorn and Aquarius, we can face the stubborn and selfish side in others. Simultaneously, it may be refreshing to feel the same clarity of purpose within ourselves.

An unleashing of imagination and inventiveness arrives mid-month, with the Full Moon constellating in Leo on February 16, around the time Jupiter and Uranus come into very creative contact. Having purpose, ideals, and goals to pursue is excellent. Having fun is essential. Say hi to your inner child and consider letting her/him/them out.

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You are likely to have an easier time exploring the Aquarian themes of friendships, networks and social participation. The creative, positive contact with your sign suggests you could have some fun pushing into new territory or groups you haven’t encountered before. By the time of the February 16 Full Moon, you may find that the people or group efforts you are a part of have shown you what sets you apart and makes you special. Strong emotions may come up related to how you are able to, or not able to, let your true light shine. After mid-month, the asteroid Pallas Athena brings her practical wisdom to Aries, supporting planning and strategic thinking through the spring season.  


It’s all systems go for Earth signs this month with Venus, Mars, Vesta, and eventually Pluto joining forces in Capricorn and supporting your vitality and ambitions. Now is the time to set aside your doubts and second-thoughts and to be more forthright about what you want and deserve. Words can be used to your advantage in the first two weeks before Mercury makes a move into Aquarius. As with Scorpio, you may have a hard time with the current themes around social participation, but breakthroughs are possible with some persistence. Domestic discord is possible if we are not giving each other enough space.


Finding new ideas, ideals, and networks are second nature to you and explorations in these areas are likely to soothe your soul. The realizations that are due at the Full Moon on February 16 about what makes you unique and special can be positively surprising. Right off the bat this month, asteroid Juno arriving in Aquarius indicates support from your marriage or long-term partnership, or an opportunity to work on this aspect of your life. The planetoid Ceres returns to your sign on February 10, making your nurturing and caretaking abilities best in class until May. Your listening and communication in all areas of life improves in the second half of the month. 


You may already have a sense that energies are not as in flow as they could be. Planets in Capricorn continue bring a certain level of opposition to what you envision for yourself. Lean on your sense of humor and friendships when things go awry. The silver lining is that during the first half of February, wisdom is on your side with asteroid Pallas Athena offering her support. Use the time to think through your goals and strategize your plan of action. Implementation can come at a later stage, perhaps in the springtime.


Exploring social networks, causes, or group activities may not feel like your top priority usually, but any new territory you push into now will be beneficial for your growth. Ride the energies of the New Moon to see how you fit your childlike, creative impulses into the big picture. Try to figure out how to lead and serve the society or group as a whole. By the time the Full Moon in your sign rolls around on February 16, you will have much clearer ideas about how to make the most of your many talents. After mid-month, asteroid Pallas Athena will be channelling more wisdom and know-how your way.


As with your fellow Earth signs, cosmic activity in Capricorn this month is going to offer intensity and excitement. Passionate desire may be on the cards. In general, going after your goals in a direct, straightforward manner can really pay off at this time. Whatever concerns you might have about being polite or waiting your turn should now take a backseat. If need be, use your way with words to your advantage. The first two weeks of February are when you are more likely to have a silver tongue, so to speak, either in person or on paper.


The Aquarius New Moon makes harmonious contact with your sign and so it will be worth your while to look at how you contribute socially. Whether it is in bringing people together, linking with a vibrant network, or raising awareness about a global challenge, find how you fit within the collective and what your job can be. Asteroid Juno entering fellow Air sign Aquarius on February 2 brings an opportunity to focus on your long-term intimate relationship and how to make improvements on that front. By the second half of February, your words will be flowing more effortlessly. Any challenges from others at this time should be taken in stride.


This month’s themes of individual contribution and humanitarian ideals may seem too abstract. Even though your sign is more comfortable dealing with real and weightier subjects, it’s worth taking a beat to look at the groups you are a part of and how they do or don’t allow you to shine. You will have wisdom on your side in the first half of the month with asteroid Pallas Athena offering support. As February winds down, the intensity ramps up around your ambitions and opportunities for advancement. You of all people are likely to feel it when powerful Pluto merges energies with an approaching Venus and Mars in Capricorn, giving some tactics and leverage to the pursuit of your desires.  


Asteroid Juno’s move into Aquarius at the start of the month opens up another opportunity to work on the main committed partnership in your life. At this point, the need for both people to be able to express their individuality may be a concern. Sometimes, in allowing more space and freedom, relationships can actually become closer. By mid-month, energies overall fall much more in alignment. Asteroid Pallas Athena’s move into fellow Fire sign Aries will offer support in the form of practical wisdom. A positive contact with the Leo Full Moon on February 16 can bring realizations about your most true, unique light.


With so much cosmic activity in your sign to come, your energy levels are likely to be quite high. Take maximum advantage by setting a higher bar in terms of what you want to accomplish. Socially, you may feel more motivated to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while and to warm up some past contacts and relationships. Use the first two weeks of the month, while Mercury is still in your sign, to write correspondences or to introduce new ideas to people you work with. Overall, these next several weeks are going to offer you much more resonance with the Universe, so don’t forget to enjoy yourself amid the hustle and bustle. 


The Lunar New Year begins with a New Moon in your sign, underscoring themes of social progress and idealism you are already familiar with. There is of course always room for growth, and you are not absolved from the exploration that everyone is called to do right now in terms of our social participation. It may be time to take a hard look at whether there are causes or groups you have outgrown, and where to put your efforts next. As with Sagittarius, this month you also have an opportunity to fix things in your committed partnership. Err on the side of giving space while Juno, the marriage asteroid, makes her way through your freedom-loving sign.


The energy and intensity congregating in Capricorn in February is in surprisingly harmonious contact with your sign. Even though you aren’t the most overtly ambitious character, there are nonetheless goals on your list and heights you wish to reach, and the powerful joining of Venus, Mars, Vesta, and eventually Pluto’s energies later in the month are likely to generate a deep reservoir of support for your ego and vitality. The Sun itself moves into your sign on February 19, bringing with it a familiar vibration and, potentially, resonant souls. The first half of the month represents asteroid Pallas Athena’s last two weeks in your sign, so make use of her practical wisdom while you can.

About our astrologer

De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want specific insights for love, business and personal growth. She cautions that while the Sun sign is important, it's not the only relevant factor in our birth charts. Always look at your whole chart, or contact a professional for assistance. De Rui is a member of the UK-based Faculty of Astrological Studies, and is a graduate of Harvard University.  


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