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Welcome back to Tatler's weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

Mars and Jupiter blend their energies. Venus returns to Taurus. Mercury stations direct shortly after the New Moon in Gemini.

The week gets off to an auspicious start with Mars and Jupiter blending their energies. Confidence is in the air and, where we are able to channel it, good things follow. This could be a time to take a gamble on something outside of our comfort zone. If the due diligence checks out, too much caution at this time is counterproductive. Physical activity of all kinds is also strongly supported when the planet of action and the planet of faith and abundance come together.

Venus makes a move into her home sign of Taurus, bringing heightened sensual experiences and material wellbeing. Treasured possessions and things of sentimental value can bring more joy. Cultivating the soil and touching the earth can also be very grounding. Positive contact between Venus and the celestial bodies Ceres and Vesta supports making a commitment to helping others.

The Sun and Moon join on Monday in the sign of Gemini, setting us off on two weeks of fact-gathering and experimentation. This period highlights our curiosity and open-mindedness, a time when pre-judgments and preconceived notions can be set aside. The New Moon is a time for sowing intentions, so pledge to become a better listener and to elicit the opinions of people we wouldn’t think had anything to say. Mercury, the planet of communication, emerges out of retrograde on Friday, making this the perfect time to chitchat.

The Week by Rising Sign


Dreams may be extra vivid while your psychic-activity levels are high. Trying out new spiritual practices could open doors. All other risks should be undertaken with extra caution. Experimenting with finances or material matters is possible. Keep a more open mind about the meaning of stability and security.


Letting go of something is sometimes the best form of self-care. Honouring higher powers and forces acting in your life can bring satisfaction and peace. Progress can be made in the career arena, although likely not through your own efforts. Someone in a bad spot may look to you as a safe harbour or shelter.


Set intentions around the New Moon to recognize the things beyond your control. Remember that trying really, really hard is only one of many ways to get things done. Talking to your circles and networks about a vision or social ideal is supported. Moves you make to enhance your reputation have a good chance of working out.


Experimenting with how you participate socially is needed. Suspend your judgments and opinions about certain groups or networks and get to know people better. There is an opportunity to give and receive much insight. Efforts in conjunction with large institutions have a chance of success as long as long as risks are managed.


Success and how to achieve it may be the subject of some exploration. Discard outdated images and concepts and see what works better for you. Travel and other cross-cultural experiences bring a deep sense of joy, especially if experienced with friends and intimate partners. Carnal relations are extra passionate and rewarding.


Travel or other mind-expanding plans can be mad with confidence after Mercury comes out of retrograde. At the New Moon, drop preconceived ideas about wisdom and where to find it. Good vibes around partners or potential partners are abundant. They might catalyze the transformation that you need but haven’t been able to achieve on your own.


Partners bring a sense of beauty and refinement to everyday life. Someone may look to you for safety amid a conflict over beliefs or values. Any patterns around dependency and indebtedness now warrant an upgrade. Deeper thinking around emotionally charged subjects like money and death can yield useful insights.


It’s not fair to expect others to always be the dependable ones. Use the current energies to explore more earthbound and sensual sides of yourself. Creative and pro-creative forces are still flying high, and this is conducive to conceiving a child, project, or business. Sticking to habits and routines may bring satisfaction.


Take a risk by confronting or reconciling with something from your childhood. Even if the subject is heavy, there is a lot of light-hearted energy around to make sure everything turns out well. Investments of emotion or resources are more likely to bear fruit. Health or diet changes could require curiosity and exploration.


An opportunity arises to acquire a new skill for the ole CV. Your words right now can be soothing to others, particularly to colleagues. What you think of as fun or entertaining needs an update. Canvas for opinions about new forms of recreation you might enjoy. Your personal creative expression as well can be experimented with.


Face-to-face interactions are especially potent and beneficial. There could also be rewards in leveraging certain skills, possessions, or even values in your favor. The home or domestic environment could use some experimentation with the set-up and décor choices. Curiosity about the past leads you down some interesting rabbit holes.


Acting out of character can attract lucky events as explorations around your personal identity continue to be supported. Just when you think you have things figured out, events can highlight the need to adjust how you think about and process external inputs. A family member may find safety in your sense of self-worth.


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