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This is Tatler’s weekly horoscope for the week of March 13-19, led by our astrologer, De Rui

Kindness reigns supreme at the start of the week as the Sun meets Neptune in Pisces. The Full Moon in Virgo on March 18 brings the focus back to work and service. The Divine Feminine plays a role in healing as asteroids Pallas Athena and Chiron join forces.

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Time to be kind

Stars signs affected the most: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces come to the rescue.

The week begins with very benevolent energy, where the desire to be giving and kind can permeate the world. As the Sun merges its radiance with the dissolving powers of Neptune, our boundaries with others can melt away and their needs can feel just as important as our own.

Beware of going out of your way to prove a point or of sacrificing too many of your needs, but if ever there were a time to celebrate having empathy and a kind heart, it would be now.

Balance strength with compassion

Stars signs affected the most: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can find healing.

Feminine wisdom holds the door open for healing as asteroids Pallas Athena and Chiron blend their energies. It could be in the form of a womanly being who soothes an old injury, or perhaps it is you who metes out justice to bring closure to a longstanding issue.

Whichever way this manifests, try to identify where there is an opportunity to confront insecurity with a different perspective. There may be some lessons, too, about how to meet aggression with strong and confident compassion.

New Moon brings softness

Stars signs affected the most: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn can find more purpose.

Friday’s Full Moon comes after two weeks of cosmic activity on the spiritual and artistic planes. If we have participated fully, there will have been insights in compassion, surrender, and realizing the interconnectedness of all things.

When the Moon becomes fully illuminated in Virgo, we may receive a new take on material issues like health and how to improve the lives of those who depend on us. Ironically, it’s in seeing what we cannot change that we discover exactly where our efforts should be placed.

About our astrologer

De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want specific insights for love, business and personal growth. She cautions that while the Sun sign is important, it's not the only relevant factor in our birth charts. Always look at your whole chart, or contact a professional for assistance. De Rui is a member of the UK-based Faculty of Astrological Studies, and is a graduate of Harvard University.  


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