Cover Lim Yew Aun and Liling Ong of the Cicheti Group

The Cicheti Group’s partners walk the talk by sharing their favourite brands and places that espouse the sustainable lifestyle

November marks Tatler’s spotlight on sustainability, and The Cicheti Group’s Lim Yew Aun and Liling Ong (our November 2021 cover stars) are no strangers to the cause. “Being sustainable is more than just ticking a box, it has to be ingrained as part of a business philosophy,” Ong told us in our November 2021 cover story

As part of our November story, we asked Lim, Ong and Ronald Kamiyama, sommelier partner of The Cicheti Group, for their favourite brands and places to visit as part of their efforts to be sustainable. Read on to find out their top picks.

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Lim Yew Aun

1. Tekka Market

“I spent many mornings here during the early days of Cicheti, scouring the market for fresh seafood and vegetables. I like to choose the produce and build a rapport with the stall owners who have helped contribute to the success of Cicheti. Cicheti’s zuppa di pesce (seafood stew) uses fresh seafood from Tekka Market.”

2. Verdoora

“This local supplier makes its burrata and stracciatella, which allows us to source locally, rather than from Italy. During the Circuit Breaker period, there was a shortage of those cheeses, and local cheesemakers like Verdoora offered an alternative.”

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Liling Ong

1. Rough Beauty

“Everything this Singapore-based bath and body brand does is kept simple with a natural-focused philosophy, so as to reduce wastage. It uses sustainably sourced palm oil, and makes it a point to keep its products paraben-free, with minimal packaging.”

2. Su by Hand

“The local slow-fashion label takes pride in being sustainable—pieces are produced only upon order with the use of fabrics that are ethically produced or sourced from social enterprises, with occasional hand-dyed styles. The pieces are all in classic designs and are comfortable, airy, effortless.”

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Ronald Kamiyama

1. Benromach Organic

“The world’s first certified organic single malt Scotch whisky from Speyside is matured in barrels made from American oak that come from sustainable forests. The Scotch has smooth, nutty, aromatic notes of vanilla and spices.”

2. Melati

“This local non-alcoholic aperitif is inspired by traditional Asian remedies, and made with fruit, spices and botanicals from Southeast Asia. It has a mix of sweet and pungent flavours with ingredients like goji berries, hibiscus and cacao.”

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