Making it their mission to protect the planet, meet the sustainability advocates and change makers honoured on the Gen.T List 2021.

The planet needs our help, and fast. With more and more instances of extreme weather, wildfires, and a deluge of plastic waste flooding our seas, now is the time for us to make fundamental changes to reverse our society's effects on the environment. These eco-activists and entrepreneurs-–all honoured on the Gen.T List 2021 for their efforts and innovation in the field of sustainability––are leading the way for how we can make changes that matter.

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Adi Reza Nugroho

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Profession: Co-founder and CEO, Mycotech
Location: Indonesia

Used to create everything from Adidas's iconic Stan Smiths to Lululemon yoga mats, mushrooms are having a moment as a plant-based option for fashion and lifestyle brands. One of the people pioneering this new trend is Gen.T 2021 honouree Adi Reza Nugroho. A self-proclaimed lover of fungi, Nugroho has designed a way of using sawdust and mushrooms to create a vegan kind of leather that is kind to the planet. His sustainable startup, Mycotech, has so far attracted investment from the DBS Foundation, the UN's Seed initiative and more.

Brandon Ng

Tatler Asia

Profession: Co-founder and CEO, AMPD Energy
Location: Hong Kong 

Anyone who has visited or lived in Hong Kong knows that construction is big business––and one of the leading causes of the city's problems with noise and environmental pollution. Co-founder and CEO of AMPD Energy, Brandon Ng, is on a mission to reduce the industry's environmental impact by using cleaner energy. Using construction equipment that runs entirely without diesel, they've helped make more than 50 construction projects cleaner, quieter, and safer in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Aining Ouyang

Tatler Asia

Profession: COO, Renato Laboratory
Location: Taiwan

Aining Ouyang wants her work to create a positive impact on both people and the planet. As COO of Renato Laboratory, the Taiwanese entrepreneur works with a visionary R&D team to develop ways to make the objects we encounter every day more sustainable. So far, the team has pioneered designs for recycling stations for drinking cups, furniture made out of circuit boards, and more.

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Somboon Lertsuwannaroj

Tatler Asia

Profession: Co-Founder and CEO, Impact Solar Group
Location: Thailand

As Co-Founder and CEO of Thailand's Impact Solar Group, Somboon Lertsuwannaroj aims to use digital technology and automation to bring affordable renewable energy to all. One of the first firms to invest in rooftop solar systems in Thailand, the company has attracted over US$120M in investment and works with brands including Mitsubishi and Coca-Cola.

Nella Lomotan

Tatler Asia

Profession: Co-Founder and Managing Director, Philippine Parks and Biodiversity
Location: Philippines

With its picture-perfect beaches and breathtaking national parks, the Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries on earth––and one of the most at risk of the impacts of climate change. Gen.T 2021 honouree Nella Lomotan has dedicated her career to championing sustainable development, restoration, and creating parks and protected areas in her home country. She also runs the social enterprise Eco Explorations, which promotes environmental awareness through biodiversity camps, ecotourism and online courses.

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