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Looking to volunteer for our beloved Mother Earth? Here are a few foundations that put Her at the forefront of their advocacy

There's no doubt that Mother Nature needs a helping hand. Fortunately, organisations such as these are here to offer Her some support. Lend your time and effort towards sustainability and nourishing our waters, hills, and earth with these five foundations. 

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1. Waves For Water

One of the most important resources we have is water. Yet, despite having more water than land on earth, a significant portion of people alive today have little to no access to safe, clean water. Waves For Water aims to change that by empowering communities and installing life-saving technology that can help residents in accessing water. In the past decade, they've implemented over 150 clean water programs in 48 countries. They also respond to natural disasters and have helped Filipino victims in times of need. 

Currently, volunteers can help through Waves For Water's programs, fundraisers, or courier applications. 

2. Greenpeace Philippines

Greenpeace is perhaps one of the most renowned organisations out there. They constantly strive to defend the environment, even if that means taking provocative actions such as challenging government and corporations. The organisation is powered entirely by donations from individuals and in the Philippines has worked to champion sustainable energy, combat illegal fishing, and campaign for clean seas. Anyone can sign up to volunteer in order to do their part and give back to help the advocacy. 

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3. Save The Palawan Seas Foundation

Everyone who's been to Palawan knows the abundance of beauty that surrounds the island. Save The Palawan Seas has dedicated much of its resources to ensure that the local communities have access to sustainable livelihood alternatives and the resources to properly protect their environment. The foundation was established by renowned jewellery brand, Jewelmer, who has been a constant advocate for the protection of the natural beauty found on their shores.

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4. WWF Philippines

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is among the most renowned of organisations. They're known to be at the frontlines of conservation efforts and have constantly collaborated with well-known names to promote inspiring causes. Since the pandemic, WWF Philippines has released multiple statements concerning its advocacy. They have also helped to organise initiatives that promote sustainability, most notably on Earth Hour. People are free to get involved with them through their website

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5. Haribon

Named after the "haring ibon" or the Philippine Eagle, Haribon is a conservation group that allows people to participate through a variety of efforts. Don't be fooled, however, Haribon isn't just here to protect birds, but the forests and seas as well. Since the time of their establishment, the group has amassed over 2,600 volunteers, and have planted close to one million native trees. Anyone can join to become a member, donate to the cause, or volunteer their time. 

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