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Just like an artful mosaic that one puts together with scrap paper, the luxury brand is channeling this spirit of bricolage and sustainability with their new upcycling project that showcases bags of an aesthetic patchwork

Italian luxury footwear and bag brand Tod’s is getting on the sustainable and conscious design bandwagon with the launch of their new upcycling project of 2021—Mosaic.

As the name of the project suggests, the sustainable collection utilises an updated patchwork technique from traditional Italian expertise which focuses on integrating invention with environmental awareness.

Each piece of the collection is uniquely made and handcrafted from materials of leftover Tod’s productions, which not only reflects the masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail that the designers at Tod’s have, but also shows their mission to embrace more sustainable ways of handcrafting bags.

In celebration of this project, contemporary artist Willie Cole has also created unique sculptures under the Artcycling initiative in collaboration with Tod’s artisans, made with creative reuse and recycle in mind.   

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The focus of the project combines ingenuity in creativity with the recovery of unused materials in the creation of bags that are made using the patchwork technique. This innovative series of bags will be presented in Tod’s flagship boutique on Via Montenapoleone this September.

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The Mosaic patchwork originates from local Italian know-how used in traditional techniques where women—employed in the numerous leather and shoe factories—handcrafted small bags for grocery shopping made from production leftovers.

Mosaic draws these particular creative elements from the Italian tradition and updates it by giving new life to materials that would otherwise remain unused, which highlights an innovative way to design sustainably whilst keeping some good traditional customs.

The collection consists of a limited number of shopping totes and pouches, and a selection of home accessories, all made using the same upcycling process.
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Following the same principle, artist Willie Cole has created objects of design by collaborating with Tod’s artisans, where they use leathers, semi-finished products, and salvaged pieces from different productions as raw materials for artistic reinvention and creation of their pieces.

For Tod’s, the idea behind this is that manual work and craftsmanship are once again celebrated, and new life is given to what are usually considered non-usable materials. This approach to fashion and design is refreshing in its mission to change people’s perceptions of sustainable pieces as they can be eco-conscious and stylish at the same time.

The sculptures created for Tod’s was unveiled in Milan during a special event presenting Mosaic and will subsequently travel between Paris, London, New York, and Miami.

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