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Practical but still cute—that's what you want to gift your furry pals this holiday season and we know exactly what you both will love!

Our furry pals deserve a treat this Christmas for keeping us company during these past few months. Spoil your pets the right way by giving them gifts that they'll use and will gift you peace of mind for the holidays.

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Decorative Mat

The Pawfect House’s decorative mat is a unique way to introduce your pets to your guests. You can even personalise the rugs by including a cartoon version of your furbabies and a funny text. They also have mats that are perfect for the holidays.

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Monthly Gift Box

Instead of giving your dog a present occasionally, spoil them with a box of themed gifts and treats every month. It’s always a wonderful surprise as you’ll get to choose a theme that you think you and your little pal will enjoy. There’s a box that’s full of Space Jam plushies, Peanuts toys, and even WWE themed goodies.

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Talking Buttons

Now’s the time to give your pet a chance to voice out their concerns with the help of talking buttons. What you’ll need to do is record your voice that is attached to the buzzers. Then you can train your pets to press the button whenever they need to eat, play or want to be petted.

Joy Recordable Button, PHP1565

Pet Portrait

Turn your favourite photograph of your pet into a majestic oil painting. There are various talented artists in the country who can paint a portrait of your dog so you can hang them in the house.

Otherwise, you can have a felt portrait made for a more 3D art piece to have at home. It’s also a unique and fun way to honour your beloved furbaby.

Collar with a GPS Tracker

Be a responsible fur parent by gifting your pet a comfy collar with a GPS tracker. Know where your pet pals have gone off to any time as simple as checking an app on your phone that tracks their every move.

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Luxurious Sanctuary

Buying a bed for your furry baby is overrated. Get them their very own private sanctuary instead from Bow House. If you have a cat, you can get them a special cat cavern. Provide your pets with a private habitat where they feel extra special and comfortable as it features a durable foam-filled round bed with a removable and washable cover.

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Personalised Leash

Don’t misplace or lose another leash by having yours customised by Snuggly Pets. Not only can you put your pet’s name on it, but you may send them different designs including a photo collage of your pet. Get creative and gift your pet their very own leash so you can walk them with pride!

Personalized Dog Leash, PHP270


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