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Cats and dogs aren't the only animals that make great pets! Here are some of our Tatler friends' furry (and not-so furry) friends

While cats and dogs make up a significant portion of the pets we know (and love) today, it would be unfair to discount other loveable animals we can bring into our homes. These Tatler friends prove that love knows no bounds—or species—with their unique pets that have brought immense joy into their lives. 

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Kim Atienza

Kim Atienza is known for his love of animals, and his affection for them extends to those that aren't as furry as cats or dogs. The news anchor is a proud owner of multiple reptiles—and has even advocated for them as low maintenance pets. "[They're] very low maintenance when it comes to attention, and you just need to feed them once a week or once every two weeks," he shares. His other reptile pets include tortoises, which he breeds.

At the moment, he has around four to five different species of them at his home. He also owns and breeds snakes such as ball pythons, boa constrictors, and reticulated pythons in different colour morphs. 

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Katrina Razon

Katrina Razon's Abyssinian guinea pigs, Ebb and Flow, are named after their yogi mother's favourite hobby. These adorable guinea pigs are set apart from other breeds by their swirls of hair or rosettes (which can also look like cowlicks). They're also known to be very friendly, although perhaps a little demanding of attention. Though they can be vocal, they're also very curious creatures and make great show pets or companions. 

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Tim Yap

Tim Yap is often seen spoiling his adorable troupe of pomeranians. However, this fur dad also has a special place in his heart for Lucky, his African grey parrot. Though their colours aren't as ostentatious as that of other parrots, African greys are among the smartest birds on the planet and are great at mimicry. Research has shown their cognitive ability equals that of a 5-year-old child! 

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Susana Madrigal

Susana Madrigal has many pets, among them a school of beautiful koi fish. While there is the downside of not being able to physically connect with fish, Madrigal maintains that these pets remind her of very valuable life lessons every day. "Through my koi, I am reminded that life is fleeting," she shares, "and that we must never be too attached to anything—no matter how much you take care of your koi, they are frail and sensitive creatures, they can sometimes die suddenly."

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Nico Bolzico

Everyone is in love with the Bolzico family pets. While their dog, Pochola, and their cat, El Gato, seem to have taken the spotlight, it's difficult to forget who the original family pets were: Patato and Pechuga, the family's redfoot tortoises. Native to South America, these tortoises show beautiful colour gradations on their head and feet. They're also very easy to maintain and can live up to 50 years—perfect for first-time pet owners!

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Z and Aivee Teo

Granted, dogs aren't usually deemed as "crazy" or exotic pets, but Dr Z and Dr Aivee Teo's poodles definitely deserve a mention. They aren't your standard toy poodles by any means, in fact, they're giant! The couple, who now helm pet care store, Luxuri-Pets, even have an Instagram account and website for their kennel, where you can get your own giant poodles. 

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