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Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo's new foray into the world of pet care gives us an exciting glimpse into the possibilities of (luxury) pet parenthood

In case you haven't heard: plants are the new pets and pets are the new kids. These days, there is a growing devotion between pet parents and their adorable "children". More and more, people have come to love spoiling their cats and dogs—and of course, these animals are very much deserving of it. While their adorable faces are part and parcel of the reason why, it's really the unconditional love they give that warrant them having only the best. 

Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo, the celebrated cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist respectively, are also seasoned entrepreneurs who understand this bond better than most. After all, they are animal lovers themselves. With this passion in mind, the couple have ventured upon a new endeavour that may surprise—and delight—your four-legged furry friends. 

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Welcome Luxuri Pets, a new, soon-to-open (July 2021) premium pet centre at Forbestown, BGC. Helmed by the Teo couple, Luxuri Pets differentiates itself from its competitors through its affiliation with a leading veterinarian centre in Singapore. Point Vets Singapore is headed by Dr. Jason Teo, Dr. Z Teo's brother. Together, this collaboration has strengthened the offerings that Luxuri Pets is able to give its clientele.

"Our pets are an integral part of our patients," Dr. Z Teo says. "When we are taking care of our patients, they want their fur kids to be taken care of as well in the same way. Hence the birth of Luxuri Pets."


Luxuri Pets offers multiple services. For instance, their Luxuri Vets, which is a skin and wellness centre (much like the Aivee Clinic) that focuses on the skin, beauty, and wellness concerns of your pets. Grooming services have also been in high demand. "We [offer] really clean and creative cuts by our professionally trained groomers. We also use the best grooming products from Italy," Dr. Z adds. 

Furthermore, Luxuri Pets is the exclusive distributor of Addiction Pet Food, which they've described as the "Rolls Royce of grain free pet food from Singapore". Vegan pet food is also available on their (currently online) shelves, as are exotic meats like kangaroo and venison (both of which are safe for pets). 

Browse through the holistic line of pet care services and items that Luxuri Pets has to offer and find out the best way to pamper your best friend. 

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