Where to buy the best skincare for sensitive baby skin and eczema-prone kids in Singapore

Newborn and infant skin call for the gentlest and most natural of products, while kids with eczema-prone skin also need special care. In our hot and humid climate, it’s all too common to see little ones plagued by itchy skin and chronic eczema. Fortunately, there are products that can help, and they’re often made just for children, with specific formulations that are safe and effective for kids. Here are eight brands to try.

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1. A Tapir’s Tale

A new player on the local kids’ skincare scene, homegrown clean beauty brand A Tapir’s Tale is a premium pediatric skincare line that’s nasties-free and gentle enough for newborns, made with high-quality nature-derived botanicals like sakura leaf extract, green tea and scutellaria baicalensis root extract. Formulated by Singaporean aesthetician and skincare trainer Charlene Ng and made in Japan, you can also find familiar skincare ingredients such as aloe vera and jojoba oil. Cute story behind the brand’s unusual name: It came about when Charlene noticed that the white lower half of the tapir resembles a baby wearing diapers. It’s also an homage to the brand’s Southeast Asian roots. A Tapir’s Tale launched in August with four products, which have already received rave reviews. The Gentle Wash is a hair and body cleanser that won’t strip skin’s natural moisture, and the Moist Milk has become a favourite with mums, who use this on their kids as well as on themselves, as a skincare moisturiser. The oil-free Aqua Gel is great for younger kids and active tweens just getting started on daily skincare.


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2. Suu Balm Kids

Suu Balm is the brainchild of Dr Tey Hong Liang, who runs the Itch Clinic at the National Skin Centre. In a bid to ease the suffering of patients with skin problems, he created a cream that combined the natural itch-relieving and cooling power of menthol, with a ceramide-based moisturiser to restore the natural skin barrier. Suu Balm’s popularity led to Suu Balm Kids, with steroid-free formulas to restore the skin barrier and provide rapid itch relief via menthol, which acts by cooling the skin and triggering receptors in the nerves in the skin to block the transmission of itch signals to the brain.

Available at Watsons and Guardian stores, Shopee and Lazada, and leading pharmacies, hospitals, polyclinics and selected private clinics.


3. Ceradan

Another homegrown brand whose star product is the Ceradan Skin Barrier Repair Cream, formulated with ceramide-dominant essential lipids in a 3:1:1 ratio of ceramide, cholesterol and free fatty acids. According to Ceradan, this ratio provides the optimal ratio of skin lipids to rebuild and restore the skin’s protective barrier. With a range of kid-friendly products that include cleansers, moisturisers, a diaper cream and a mosquito repellent, Ceradan is a popular option among the local parenting set.

Available Watsons and Guardian stores, Shopee and Lazada, and leading pharmacies, hospitals, polyclinics and selected private clinics.


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4. Aveeno Baby

A well-loved pharmacy skincare brand with a special gentle range for babies, which has calming bath washes and lotions containing natural oat extract and a Soothing Relief range for dry and sensitive skin, as well as the Dermexa range for eczema-prone kids and babies, clinically proven to help relieve dry, rough and itchy skin.  

Available at pharmacies and supermarkets.


5. Cetaphil Baby

Another skincare brand recommended by dermatologists and popular among those who suffer from skin issues, the Cetaphil Baby range offers gentle skincare formulas for little ones. There are washes, shampoos and lotions for mini-mes, as well as solutions for sensitive skin, such as the Cetaphil Baby Advanced Protection Cream with Organic Calendula.

Available at pharmacies, supermarkets and online retailers.


6. A for Apothecary

Created by a local mum who had trouble finding steroid-free and natural baby skincare when her son had cheek eczema, A for Apothecary is committed to bringing 100% organic skincare to babies and parents here. Expect natural botanical oils and extracts including oat lipid oil, calendula extracts, Nilotica East African shea butter and A-grade cold-pressed coconut oil, and products lovingly crafted in small batches. The Baby Balm with Active Oat Lipids & Calendula ($22.90 for 50ml) is one of their star products.

Available at Mothercare stores, Shopee, Lazada and other retailers.


7. Exzma Skincare

A skincare brand dedicated to solutions for eczema and psoriasis sufferers, Exzma Skincare serves up all-natural remedies formulated in Germany, using aromatherapy to help provide relief and treatment. The popular Eczema & Psoriasis Relief Oil for Babies & Kids ($119 for 30ml) is made with pure natural essential oils and plant oils with gentler formulation for little ones, and provides relief from itching, along with improving dry, rough and inflamed skin. It also nourishes and moisturises skin and helps with scars.

Available at Pupsik Studio and Shopee.


8. Bzu Bzu

A local no-nasties skincare brand for kids that was launched earlier this year, Bzu Bzu products are formulated in Japan and free of toxic substances such as talcum powder, silicone, hormone-disrupting chemicals and parabens. A popular product is their Happy Kids Body Wash, enriched with skin-healing and soothing ingredients from natural extracts and the Fresh Cooling Kids Shampoo, great for our humid weather, to keep sensitive little scalps clean, refreshed and protected.

Available at selected Haomart, Mothercare, Sheng Siong and Prime outlets, and online at LazMall, Mummy’s Market, Shopee Mall, and We Love Supermom.



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