Keep your little ones safe by giving them smartwatches that they'll love

You can keep an eye on your kids while giving them the freedom to have adventures of their own with these must-have smartwatches. Parents who think that giving their little ones a smartphone might be way too soon can always opt for these helpful devices.

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Thanks to innovative companies, a few brands have released their own versions of the kid's smartwatch. 

Browse below to see which smartwatch is a great fit:

Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker

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Photo: Fitbit
Above Photo: Fitbit

For parents with children 6-year-old and up who want to keep them fit, the Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker can be a great choice. Staying active with this device is never boring as it's available in flattering colours and features fun animated clock faces.

The Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker is swimproof and secure. It also tracks sleep and can be set up to remind kids to move, sleep, and wake up.

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Kidsafe Splash

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Photo: Facebook / Kidsafe Philippines
Above Photo: Facebook / Kidsafe Philippines

If a waterproof GPS tracker device that allows audio calls are all you need to keep your loved one safe, you may gift them the Kidsafe Splash watch from Kidsafe Philippines.

It provides historical tracking, SOS calls, and even a little game for your kids.

TickTalk 4

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Photo: TickTalk
Above Photo: TickTalk

The TickTalk 4 smartwatch functions as a phone but without access to the internet, games, or social media. Even then, parents can reach their little ones through voice and video calling, safe in-app messaging, location tracking, and activity tracker.

Kids can also stream music for free and take photos and videos using the smartwatch. Trust that the device is certified by an FTC-approved Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Safe Harbor program.

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HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro

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Above Photo: HUAWEI

You can now call your kids via voice and video call using the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro. This smartwatch is built with a 9-System AI Positioning which provides incredible location accuracy fast.

It also has a night LED light guard, sunlight exposure tracking, and is water resistant so your loved ones can safely and freely go on with their day even while you're apart.

Apple Watch SE

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Photo: Apple
Above Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch SE has optimised features that are suitable for older kids and teens. You can keep in touch with them as they go on with their busy day and never miss a notification.

The smartwatch also has a built-in Activity app that keeps track of their movement throughout their day to meet fitness goals. There are also Maps, Siri, Alarms, and Emergency SOS to keep the whole family connected.


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