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Is it finally time to give your traditional wristwatch an upgrade?

In the early 2000s, no one would have expected that we would soon have watches that provide many other features besides timekeeping and other derivative functions. Today, wristwatches can monitor our heart rates, track our activities, send notifications, and even voice call somebody in a far-flung place. Below are a few of the reasons why a smartwatch is worth every penny. 

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1. Never miss a call or message

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of phones is that they can't be glued to our bodies 24/7. . . yet. Because of this, we often miss important calls and messages throughout the day. With smartwatches attached to our wrists for hours, we are assured that message and call alerts are always within our reach. 

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2. Track your fitness activities

Calling all the fitness junkies out there! Regular exercise is great but working out with a smartwatch is a real game-changer. The device can monitor your day to day activities such as your heart rate, the calories you were able to burn, your everyday steps, and more. A handy gadget like this can be your fitness buddy especially on days you need that extra little push. 

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3. For the health conscious

Not only can the smartwatch monitor your heart rate, but it can also give you time-sensitive notifications. For people with health concerns, you can schedule the times you'll take your vitamins or other supplements for the day.

Patients who have medicine maintenance will no longer need constant reminding from people around them, the smartwatch can basically give them a beep.

4. If you're always on-the-go

If you're always on the go and you barely have time to rummage your pockets or bag for your phone, consider wearing a smartwatch instead. Despite its small screen, the device works just like a smartphone. Some smartwatches have built-in speakers and can play music on the spot, you can also connect wireless headphones whenever you please. 

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5. You have a job that thrives online

Do you have a job that expects you to be online every time? Let the smartwatch give you the assurance of not missing anything again. From work notifications to simple internet browsing, the device can really do wonders for people who rely on the net for a living. 

6. Form and function

Most smartwatches have simple faces. Of all the brands out in the market, shapes range from the usual square or circle. What's great, however, is that they usually have the option to switch up your straps - making it wearable across different occasions. 

7. It's relatively affordable

Depending on the brand and features, a smartwatch in the Philippines may have a price range of PHP1,329 (Xiaomi) to PHP25,990 (Apple Watch Series 6). Some would consider this a relatively affordable for a device that is full of innovative features and works almost like a smartphone. 


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