With its newly launched Beyond 26 fine jewellery collection, Yuli continues down its path of constant reinvention

Yuli Inc Fine Jewellery’s founder, Jessie Yuli Foo, has always been grounded in the idea of change and its associated spirit of constant evolution. Indeed, these are the values that have led the brand to grow from strength to strength over nearly three decades—no mean feat for a homegrown jeweller. These attributes have come to the fore this year with the Beyond 26 campaign and fine jewellery collection, which marks the brand’s 26th anniversary.

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Beyond 26 will be launched over two days on 13 and 14 January at The Lighthouse at Fullerton Hotel, with the unveiling of a special 20-piece jewellery collection. In lieu of the usual catwalks, Yuli will be presenting a specially commissioned animated video. Far from being just a product showcase, however, this video will also serve as a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds to reflect the two’s convergence—a trend that was among Foo’s inspirations for the new collection.

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Like the presentation itself, the jewellery pieces are cutting-edge. Their clean lines and sleek silhouettes reflect an elegance that’s decidedly postmodern, with these designs backed by novel production techniques. Coloured gold with 18-karat fineness, for instance, is electroplated selectively to create gold prongs that meld with the coloured gemstones that they are holding. The result is a stunning visual effect that shows each gem off to the greatest possible extent.

Yuli’s Beyond 26 campaign will also see the jeweller working with students from Raffles Design Institute. The two are longstanding partners that have previously collaborated on various projects, as part of Yuli’s efforts to develop Singapore’s jewellery segment involves providing a platform for the younger generation of jewellery designers. This time, Yuli has commissioned Raffles Design Institute to develop a single exceptional piece in line with the Beyond 26 collection. This creation will be exhibited at the collection’s launch, of course.


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