With the storied American jeweller’s Victoria collection, less is always more. And these new additions are no different

There is beauty in simplicity; the brilliance of a good diamond doesn’t crave the company of bells and whistles. To see this design philosophy executed with grace, one only has to look to Tiffany & Co’s Victoria collection. Taking inspiration for its basic silhouettes from flowers and vines, the collection reimagines pear-cut, round brilliant, and marquise diamonds as petals, leaves and budding blossoms. The mixture of different cuts and shapes creates an interesting interplay of light. Always framed by, or set on the thinnest slivers of gold, the diamonds are allowed to shine to full effect.

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Understated elegance is undoubtedly the calling card of the Victoria line. A recurring motif in this collection is a four-petalled flower created by setting four marquise-cut diamonds diagonally point to point. Already exceedingly feminine and timeless in itself, the motif sees its charm elevated by the romance of the marquise-cut stones. Believed to have been developed in France in the 1740s under the order of King Louis XV, the cut was the monarch’s tribute to his beloved mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. It was said to have been inspired by the shape of her lips.  

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The latest additions to the Victoria collection present a stylised interpretation of vines and laurel wreaths.

The organic movement of these plants is captured by skilfully articulated platinum, 18K yellow gold and rose gold. In some pieces, the gold leaves, alternating between plain and diamond-set (brilliant melee diamonds are used), are lined up to draw the eye to a single marquise-cut diamond. When used in such naturalistic designs, the diamond cut inspired by a marquise’s lips transforms the gem into a flower bud.


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3d Renderings

Concept: Clarice Ng / C+C&Co
Colouring: Farrah Alshavira / C+C&Co
Rendering: Andrian Firmansyah / C+C&Co