Cover Mirror’s Jer Lau is the new face for Fred’s iconic jewellery colleciton, Force 10 (Photo: Courtesy of Fred)

Luxury jewellery brand Fred has unveiled a brand new campaign for its Force 10 collection, starring Mirror’s Jer Lau

Jer Lau, who is most famous for his lead singer role in Hong Kong boy band Mirror, has been tapped by Fred to star in the brand’s latest jewellery campaign, marking the 55th anniversary of its emblematic Force 10 collection. The announcement was accompanied by a series of stylish portraits of Jer sporting the iconic Force 10 bracelets in confident poses.

Symbolising courage and positive energy, these luxury bracelets are characterised by a unique blend of braided sailor’s cables and buckles wrought in precious metal, featuring diamonds and colourful gems that perfectly resonates with Lau’s fun and tenacious personality.

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Always wearing a bright smile and shining on stage with his relentless pursuit of excellence, the young singer was specifically chosen for the role for exhibiting the brand’s “Live the Joy” spirit and the philosophy for jewellery: casual, stylish and playful.

In the images, we also see Jer sporting a variety of rings and necklaces from the same collection, as well as a Pain de Sucre ring and Riviera pendants to complement his clean light blue suit look. Inspired by the brand founder Fred Samuel’s joyful memories of Latin America and passion for coloured stones, the Pain de Sucre collection is another equally impressive, versatile collection that comes with a vast array of cabochons and signet plaques in vibrant hues.

Force 10 was originally designed by the eldest son of brand founder Fred Samuel and a European champion windsurfer, in 1966 as a love token for his wife. The collection is named after the highest level of sea gale, representing challenging spirits and the audacity to ride winds and waves. Reimagined over the years, this jewellery design embodies determination and courage unlike any other, offering an extensive range of combinations of buckles and cables to reflect the wearer's bold, carefree spirit. 


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