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Arte Oro jeweller and gem expert Danilo Giannoni shares all you need to know about green diamonds

Jennifer Lopez may have sparked yet another jewellery trend when she revealed her new engagement ring from Ben Affleck: a glittering beauty set with a cushion cut green diamond and a white diamond on each side of the ring’s silver band.

There’s a good reason for brides to be green with envy. Like the pink diamond that Affleck previously proposed to Lopez, natural green diamonds are extremely rare. The centrepiece of Lopez’s ring, which is reportedly sourced by Tamara Rahaminov and Nicol Goldfiner of Rahaminov Diamonds, is even more impressive considering that it weighs 8.5 carats.

“Green diamonds can range from US$50,000 or US$60,000 per carat to millions per carat, depending on the hue and intensity,” shares Danilo Giannoni, founder of the local bespoke jewellery brand Arte Oro. “The price of Jennifer Lopez’s ring could possibly be between 4 to 6 million.”

There are many reasons why couples may opt for a coloured diamond over a classic white one. Lopez herself has shared that she considers green to be her “lucky colour”, saying, “I’ve realised there are many moments in my life where amazing things happened when I was wearing green.”

“Ultimately, choosing coloured diamonds is always a personal choice,” says Giannoni. “Personal preference and details are a part of the journey when making something so special, that is what makes it more meaningful.”

Considering adding a green diamond to your jewellery collection? Below, Giannoni shares with us everything you need to know about the rare gemstones, and what you can expect from Arte Oro’s exquisite collection.

Natural green diamonds are rarer than pink and blue diamonds

In the world of coloured diamonds, Giannoni considers the green gemstones to be “extremely rare”.

“The cause of their colour is natural damage by nature and radiation, therefore making it rarer than pink and blue,” he explains. “Out of the diamonds sent to GIA for certification, only 0.7 per cent are with green tones, and only 0.04 per cent are a single colour, like pure green.”

“It is very difficult to establish the natural origins of the green, as it is due to the exposure of radioactive minerals or liquid in the earth crust, as well as defects in the atomic level of hydrogen and nickel,” he continues.

As to where those naturally-occurring green diamonds are sourced, Giannoni says that they mostly originate from Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Central Africa and India.

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There are several types of green diamonds

“Mixed green diamonds, such as yellow green or greyish green, are more common as compared to absolute green diamonds,” says Giannoni. “The purer the colour, the stronger the hue and the higher the clarity, making green diamonds as precious as the Mona Lisa.”

Thanks to its rarity, purchasing a green diamond is not as simple as walking into an international luxury jewellery boutique. Instead, you could consider turning to Arte Oro, Giannoni’s jeweller atelier based in Singapore, where he offers bespoke creations and, most recently, ready-to-wear designs.

“We, at Arte Oro, consider green diamonds to be one of the top gems to collect, based on our philosophy: the rarer, the better,” says Giannoni.

“When it comes to colour, the top selection will always be green, blue and pink. At the moment, we have one fancy intense green and one fancy intense yellow green, and we are looking at some new rough in Central Africa.”

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Green diamonds are a very specific and special choice

“Among the various coloured diamonds, the market for green diamonds is very niche,” says Giannoni. “As the gem is so rare, it is difficult for us to present a good selection for clients to make an educated decision.”

“This is why pink or blue diamonds appear more appealing to most clients, but if you look at the Aurora Green Diamond (one of my favourite stones of all time), or the Ocean Dream that looks like a beautiful Grandidierite, these are stones that have no equal.”

Of course, those who are drawn to the verdant hues of a green diamond can always consider emeralds instead.

“When comparing green diamonds to emeralds, natural and vivid emeralds are also beyond comparison,” says Giannoni. “This year, Arte Oro has presented two unbelievable stones, one weighing over 10 carats and another over 12, to a very special client. Each emerald had a very intense green saturation and was sourced from Columbia, certified as Muzo with no oil. These are also collectibles and are extremely valuable.”

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Green diamonds are complemented by pink diamonds

If you’re already going green, why not opt for even more colour to make your jewel truly stand out?

“Pink diamonds are the best companion for green diamonds,” shares Giannoni, “but we have also previously mounted them with black diamonds. In 2018, I worked on a beautiful engagement ring with a fancy intense green diamond, surrounded by greyish diamonds.”

The value of green diamonds has been “skyrocketing”

“In 2009, the price of a fancy vivid green diamond was one million per carat, and in 2016 it rose to 3.3 million per carat, as is evident from the Aurora Green Diamond,” says Giannoni.

“If we follow the principle of scarcity, natural green diamonds of a single tone and a strong intensity are extremely rare, and hence their natural price increases over time,” he adds.

Arte Oro maintains a collection of green diamonds and encourages their clients to do as well—if they already see the appeal.

“A client’s personal preference always outweighs trends and there are many factors to consider when selecting a gem, such as favourite colours, cuts, shapes, sizes and even the colour of your skin,” says Giannoni.

“As a personal jeweller to royalty and celebrities, we always advise clients to start this journey with a face-to-face meeting to better understand what really matters to them.”

Of course, nothing brings out the beauty of a green diamond better than seeing it in real life, as Giannoni knows: “If you’re interested in seeing a few of these amazing stones, make an appointment with us and we’ll show you some of the most beautiful coloured diamonds the world has ever seen.”

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