Pink is set to be a big colour trend in 2022 and that goes for diamonds, too

Yve Chan, founder of Hong Kong’s Dawn Jewellery and Sunsmith, has got his hands on some highly-coveted pink diamonds that were sold by Rio Tinto in its final Argyle diamond sale late last year.

Mining group Rio Tinto showcased its final Argyle collection of rare pink, red, blue and violet diamonds in October. Activity ceased at the mine in November 2020 and its closure has caused speculation over the secondary market for its pink diamonds, given prices have appreciated by about 500% over the last 20 years.

Chan has designed 20 crane-shaped brooches with his pink diamonds, which are set in 18-karat gold alongside pockets of jadeite. Throughout Chinese history, the crane has embodied longevity and loyalty, and Chan has based his designs on the renowned ancient Chinese painting Auspicious Cranes, which was created by Emperor Huizong (1082—1135), the eighth emperor of the Northern Song dynasty.

Here, Chan teaches Tatler five things about pink diamonds…

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1. Over 90% of pink diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond Mine

"Prior to the 1980s, production of pink diamonds had been sporadic, and limited to regions in India, Brazil, Africa, and Indonesia. The commencement of the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia in 1983 was subsequently a watershed event in the global diamond industry. It remains the only consistent source of over 90% of pink diamonds globally. "

2. Pink diamonds are 20 times more expensive than white diamonds

"Unlike white diamonds, there is no list price that determines the value of a pink diamond. It has been cited that some medium-quality pink diamonds can attract prices 20 times higher than their white diamond equivalents. This gap widens further when it comes to the highest-quality Argyle pink diamonds."

3. Tempted? Purchase pink diamonds from a reliable source

"An exclusive group of master craftsmen known as Select Ateliers and Authorised Partners have been appointed by Rio Tinto, owner of Argyle Diamond Mine, to ensure all market initiatives support the high standards of care and chain of custody set from the moment a rough Argyle pink diamond is unearthed."

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4. The Argyle Diamond Mine is closed

“Having exhausted economic production, the legendary Argyle Diamond Mine has been closed since November 2020. Since then, the rarity of its precious pink diamonds intensifies each day."

5. Not everyone is allowed to sell Argyle pink diamonds

“There are only a couple of ateliers in Hong Kong that have been approved to purchase Argyle pink diamonds. Despite there being thousands of jewellers in Hong Kong, Argyle handpicked only two world-leading jewellers to represent their pink diamonds in Hong Kong. Dawn Jewellery is proud and honoured to be appointed one of the last ‘Select Ateliers’ in the world. Our in-house brand Sunsmith has set these pink diamonds into unique crane-shaped designs, which we hope showcase Hong Kong’s fine craftsmanship.”


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